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Justin Bieber Birthday Party Theme

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I decided I would put together some ideas for a Justin Bieber Birthday Party Theme for those parents who have girls who are just mad about this kid. I remember one morning watching the Today Show back in October 2009 where he performed on the plaza signing his hit One Time. I had never heard of him before that and seeing all the kids screaming for him told me he was definitely a Kid favorite, especially for young girls being he is very young himself. My daughter was still home waiting for her bus and watched with me – she knew who he was – where had I been?

What really amazes me is that he got his claim to fame from being noticed on You Tube. After many videos of him signing songs by his favorite singers and then being noticed by some famous record executives he was later signed on with Island Records in Oct 2008. It did not take long for him to release his own singles and get him to where he is now today.  Kids love him and I probably would have as well when I was young.

So I wanted to put together some ideas to help those parents of Justin Bieber Fans put together a Justin Bieber Birthday Party Theme to help celebrate their birthdays. Now this is one where you will need some creativity and that is where I come in. I am going to help you with that. Currently there are no official Justin Bieber Birthday Supplies with his quality logo, but that is ok. I am going to show you some great ways to bring this theme to life regardless.  So let me walk you through from start to finish the perfect Justin Bieber Birthday Party for your Justin Bieber Fan.

I am also making this only a couple weeks after Justin celebrates his 16th Birthday which was March 1st. Justin’s Sweet 16 Party was one he had at home with all his friends and it lasted a couple days – so it was a sleepover. He had lots of activities for his guests like Sumo Wrestling, Swimming, Jacuzzi, Air Hockey, Wii (Rockband), XBox, Paintball, Laser Tag, Basketball. Tennis, Wrestling, Karaoke and even Private Movie Screenings with one being The Book of Eli.  There was a lot written about his party because he had his guests all sign a waiver prior to coming in case there were any injuries so he would not be held responsible. Of course you will not have to do that and I have heard nothing about anyone getting hurt at his party – too funny huh?

So lets start off with your Party Invitations. You can find some great Personalized Justin Bieber Party Invitations on EBay.  The Justin Bieber Ticket Style Invitations you see pictured to the left are sold by EBay Seller Eventwrapper and what I really love about these are how they will take a photo of your child if you choose and add it on as though they are standing with Justin Bieber himself. The kids would go crazy over that and you can of course personalize them with all your party information. You also have the option to print them at home or have them do it. In addition to the Ticket Style Invites they also carry Justin Bieber VIP Pass Invitations.

For your party supplies I would go with a music pattern and one that I happen to really love and think would be perfect is the Rock Star Party Supplies.  Not only do I love the colors – I think they have a sophistication about them.  You can purchase this in a complete party pack which will come with everything you see or you can just pick and choose which items you want and bring in some solid colors.

It gets even better. You can choose to purchase the Rock Star Personalized Party Supplies which is the same design as the one above, BUT you get to personalize it with a photo.  So you can take your child’s favorite photo of Justin Bieber or even a photo of them and add have it placed onto the Party Supplies. Now How Cool is that? If you work with Photoshop you can create a photo of your child with Justin Bieber and add that. Tell me the kids would not freak out.  There are even matching Invitations, Party Banners,  Balloons and more to match.

UPDATE: Official Justin Bieber Party Supplies are Now Available to Order – Click HERE

Now I will share some Justin Bieber Party Games and Activities I have come up with for the party – Ok here we go:

Plant a Kiss on Justin – The girls are going to have fun with this game.  You will need to buy a Justin Bieber Poster for this game. You play it just like you would Pin the Tail, but instead of pinning on a tail the girls will be planting Kisses on Justin to see who can plant one closest to his lips. I am feeling the love already. So in addition to the poster you will also want to buy some Lip Stickers too.  If you cannot find stickers just have the girls put on Lipstick (should be a dark color and applied generously) nice and thick and Kiss the Poster (Justin) and mark whose lip prints are whose.

How well do you know Justin? – I created a 10 Question Quiz you can Download and Print Out – CLICK HERE.  See how well these Justin Fans at the party really know him. I made up questions based on some fun facts the kids would know if they are BIG Justin Bieber Fans.  Print our enough for each party guest and give them each a pen or pencil. Have them complete the Quiz without talking. Then see who got the most answers correct. Do not worry  – there is also an Answer Key and who knows maybe you will learn something about him too – I did.

Name That Justin Bieber Song – If the kids are fans then they probably know all of his music and the lyrics – or do they? So I created a sheet that you use to test their knowledge. It shows a line from one of his songs and the name of the song or they have to fill in the missing word. All you need to do is read the line and which ever party guest raises their hand first gets to make a guess. If they are wrong they cannot guess again until you go to the next song.  Make sure to tell the kids they cannot scream out an answer or they are out of the game. Ii sounds easier than it is, but it will be lots of fun for the guests.  There are 28 Questions on this – so plenty of fun. To Download and Print – Click Here.  OH and once again – all the answers are there too.

Pinata Time – Kids of all ages love Pinatas – so why not add the fun to the party.  You can get the matching Rock Star Guitar Pull-String Pinata which is 22″ in size and I think looks really cool. It is a Pull String, but you can still use it the traditional way and smash it – that is the way I like to play and really so do the kids. If you like you can create your own Justin Bieber Pinata by ordering one of these Custom Personalized Pinatas from my friends at The Original World of Pinatas.  All you do is send them your favorite picture and they will add it onto the Pinata for you.

Some fun Pinata Filler ideas could be Chocolate Hearts and Chocolate Lips, You can even get some Personalized Justin Bieber Hershey Kiss Stickers to add onto Hershey Kisses – they come with a photo of Justin and you can add any message you like. Word has it that Justin Bieber loves Sour Patch Candy so be sure to add in some of those too.

Pass the Microphone – This game is sort of like Hot Potato, but with a Justin Bieber Musical Twist. You will need of course – some Justin Bieber Music.  You will also need a Microphone – I would have an Inflatable Microphone (they are fun and you can even get one for all the party guests – but you will only need one for this game). Have all the guests sit in a circle, start the music and the passing of the Microphone. Then when you feel Stop the Music and who ever is holding the microphone must sing the next line of the song. If they cannot do it then they are out. Continue until you have one winner.

How many words can you make from Justin Bieber? – This is another game I created that would be fun, You can Download and Print it: CLICK HERE.  How many words can you make from Justin Bieber’s Name? Well I came up with 477 – No I did not sit there and write them all out – I used a Word Generator to do it.  Print one of these sheets out for each of your Party Guests. Set a timer for maybe 2-3 minutes and see who can come up with the most words made from Justin Bieber’s name. They can be no less than 3 Letters and you will want to see if what they wrote is even a word or that they used no duplicates in their list. No need to worry there is an answer key with all 477 words that were generated – so you can check them against that.

Design your Own Guitar Party Craft – This is a fun activity you can have the kids at the party do They can design their own guitars.  You can buy these Craft Guitars in Cardboard or even Inflatable Guitars that can be decorated. With the Cardboard Guitars you can have magazines with photos of Justin Bieber for the guests to cut out and place on their guitars and also markers to create designs. The Inflatable Guitars would be designed using Permanent Markers. These also become party of your party Favors the kids can take home. You can visit my post to learn more here: Design your own Guitar Party Activity.

Some other Games & Activities you can do are some Justin Bieber did at his own 16th Birthday Party – Host a Sleepover, Play Video Games like Rockband, Play Karaoke, Rent some Sumo Suits from your local party rental store and do some Sumo Wrestling in the yard,  Pick some of your child’s favorite Movies and have your own Movie Screening like Justin did – Pile all the pillows on the Floor and have some Popcorn for the guests. For the Popcorn you can purchase some Popcorn Containers and print out some various photos of Justin Bieber and glue or tape them onto each container for some extra fun. Justin also had a table where he had all the fun Movie Candy available for his guests — you can do that too.

Now lets talk Birthday Cakes & Cupcakes. If you want a Justin Bieber Birthday Cake using a photo you can find many Personalized Edible Justin Bieber Cake Images on EBay.  There are many Photo Designs to choose from.  You can also find some Personalized Justin Bieber Cupcake Toppers and Edible Cupcake Topper Images on EBay as well.

Or you can create your own Birthday Cake using a Guitar Cake Pan and decorating it in the colors of your party theme. If you want to do a tiered Birthday Cake, but you are not good with Fondant you can try using these Edible Cake Wraps which I happen to love and they are so easy to use. They come in many design prints and you can really have fun with them to create a fun cake.

The cake in the photo to your right was made by Pink Oven Cakes and Cookies and they combined Justin Bieber Photos on a tired cake using Fondant – What a Lucky Girl.

You can also create these Microphone Cupcakes which are so easy to make and would be perfect for this party theme. I created the ones you see in the photo and I have a Tutorial on how to make them with Step by Step Directions using Photos. You can see that Tutorial here:  How to make Microphone Cupcakes.

You can also find Edible Music Note Shaped Sprinkles or even make your own Birthday Cake & Cupcake Toppers using printed photos from the web or even from magazines. So the limit is only your imagination.

Last but not least are some Justin Bieber Party Favor Ideas. There are so many ways you can go with this and you have to keep in mind that Party Favors are just a small token to say thanks for coming to my party. So set a Budget before you begin shopping. Ebay has a number of sellers who are offering Personalized Justin Bieber Party Favors like Candy Bar Wrappers, Popcorn Wrappers etc… All of which feature Justin’s picture and can be personalized with your sentiments.

You can also choose to buy the matching Rock Star Party Favorwhich includes Rock Star Sticker Sheet, Rock Star Notepad, plus box of 4 crayons, a glitter Bounce Ball, Rock Star Tattoo, Glow Necklace and package of Pop Rocks.

Since I am all about usable party favors this is what I would do. You can find Justin Bieber Dog Tag Necklaces on Ebay for about $.99 each with his photo on it.  I would send the guests home with that and I also like the Justin Bieber Pillow Cases also available on EBay. Both are unique and usable and the kids would love them.  And remember if you make Guitars and have inflatable Microphones at the party they also go home with the guests in addition to any Pinata Goodies if you are doing one. That is all you need.

I hope I was able to provide you with some ideas to help you plan your Justin Bieber Birthday Party Theme or at the very least inspire you. If you have any ideas to share please let me know.

****JUST IN****

Now available is the Justin Bieber Lifesize Cardboard Cutout. This is a great item to have at you party so all the party being it makes the perfect photo opportunity for all the party guests.  Lots of Justin Fans would love to have him come to their party, but it is just not possible with his busy schedule so now you have a stand in. This Cardboard Cutout stands over 5 Feet Tall and comes with Easel to hold him up.

This also makes a great gift idea for any Justin Bieber Fan out there !!!


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  1. kk says:

    oh my bieber i love justin bieber soooooooooooooooo much he is mine 4 eva and eva i loveeee him sooooo much i really want it but my mom saide no nooooooo and i want the poster but theres no room on my walls because i have 37 giant posters with no gaps in between them but i got it anyway i just figured that i could find a space for it I LOVE JUSTIN BIEBER

  2. Melissa Padilla says:

    I can not even think of a word to describe how I felt when I stumbled on this page. I am the most uncreative person and have no idea how to throw a party. I have 2 daughters, 6 and 12, combined they have only had 3 birthday parties because I just have a hard time planning. You have given me the tools to make this Bierber Bash a sucess for my daughters 7th birhtday.
    Thanks so much.

  3. Kerri says:

    Thank you so much for helping me plan my daughter’s upcoming 11th birthday party…JB style(this Saturday)!! I used almost all of your ideas and we even ordered her a purple ipod style cake…they are going to sleep outside and watch “Never Say Never” on a projection…I am almost as excited as my daughter!! Kudos to all of your fabulous ideas!

  4. victoria says:

    AWESOME ideas!!! my lil girl loved the plant a kiss on JB!!! Great ideas!

  5. yalda says:


  6. Daniella says:

    This is going to make my sweet sixteen rock ! <3

  7. Wooo Hooo Happy Sweet 16 !!

  8. milan says:

    man he is sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo sexy man he is my party theme OCT> 11 1999 man he a sexy beast lol fo sure baby man is sexy ask me any question about him and i know and song ANYTHING I can not even think of a word to describe how I felt when I stumbled on this page. I am the most uncreative person and have no idea how to throw a party.You have given me the tools to make this BIEBER BASH UP a sucess for my 12th birhtday.
    Thanks so much.

  9. aww you are welcome – have a great party !!!

  10. Kristi says:

    I love the kiss JB idea and since I am inviting boys and know they will not want to kiss him I got mustaches for them to put on and lips for the girls!! I am soo excited about my little girls 5th Bday party Friday night!!

  11. Jenna says:

    Thank u soooooooooo much 4 helping everybody plan their parties! My prty is this Sunday and im very exited to do all these fun things that u listed! I am going to now call my party the JB BASH UP! thxs to u!i had no clue what to do at my party and now i have a WHOLE BUNCH of ideas! This will be the best 10th Birthday ever!

  12. Kathleen says:

    I wanted to write about an unusual experience that my daughter had his last Saturday. Her friend invited her to a Justin Bieber Party. They had the posters of JB the table cloth, plates, cups party favors… but what impressed me and my daughter most was that the birthday girls mom had found a guy that is such a ringer for Justin Bieber to come perform!! He is with a compnay called Look-alikes and Characters Entertainment out of Atlanta, GA. I was so impressed with his performance and back up dancers! I thought it was such a unique idea being that we have been to several JB paties with the same stuff and this one was so exciting!! They performed, danced, taught the kids dance steps, played games and just hung out with the kids for an hour and a half. They also have several other performing look alikes Miley Cyrus, Katy Perry, Victoria Justice to name a few. I googled them and found them at I thought they were a huge hit!!

  13. ebony says:

    thank you so much this website helped me enormously!

  14. tomi bogges says:

    oh my god i LOOOOOOOOOVE JB he is my dream boy thank you party animal!!!!!!!

  15. gizzelle says:

    i lovet and i wanet all 4 me its prfec 4 me becas im a beliber <3 love u drew

  16. tracy says:

    I am planning my daughters birthday party and she wants a Justin theme. I was thinking about making a stage out of some old pallets and putting the Justin bieber cardboard cutout and some curtins and letting them do karokee to JB songs.

  17. Awesome idea – thanks for sharing

  18. loly says:

    i love justine bieber songs tooooooooooooooooo much <3 <3 <3 <3

  19. jeanine says:

    i like justin bieber he is so awesome and most of all he is very beautifull ,,,,,,,,,mwa

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