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Justin Bieber’s Comic Book Fame makes a Perfect Party Favor

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If you are throwing the kids a Justin Bieber Birthday Party and wondering what to get them for a party favor – you may want to consider Justin Bieber’s New Comic Book “Fame”. Now only is this Comic Book inexpensive, but it is a great way to get those kids reading – even if it is just a Comic Book.

Justin’s New Comic Book series is basically a Biography of his life, but in Comic format. I bet we all feel like our lives can be put into a Comic Book series, but not many of us get that opportunity like Justin Bieber did. Regardless I think kids will love to follow along to see what adventures Justin’s life will bring him in his new Comic Style.  And being that Justin Bieber is only 16 at this time that could mean a lot of Comic Books to come.

In addition to the Justin Bieber Comic Book there are many books written about him and I think any one of them would be a great party favor to send the kids home with. You can even pair it up with a Justin Bieber Bookmark and you are good to go. There are tons of Justin Bieber Bookmarks available on Ebay with many designs styles to choose from.

So when thinking about your Justin Bieber Party Favors – Think Books and feel good about what you are sending the kids home with from the Party.


2 Responses to “Justin Bieber’s Comic Book Fame makes a Perfect Party Favor”
  1. sabrina says:

    hey thats really awesome what local stores would this be able to be purchased in?

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