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Kachooz Pencil Toppers are perfect for Party Favors

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Have you seen these Kachooz Pencil Toppers yet? They are so adorable, fun and make perfect Party Favors to send home with the kids. The kids are going to be going crazy for these and having just one will not be enough.

When I first saw these they took me back in time to my childhood when I had something just like this on my own pencil. Back in the day they were a bit different – they were just that Fuzzy Hair with Google Eyes or I even had some Troll Pencil Toppers. I loved them then and I love them now even more with the cute faces. Oh the memories of sitting in class giving my Pencil Topper hair-dos and then spinning the pencil in my hands to mess it up all over again. I paid attention – I swear!! Come on admit it – you had some too.

These Kachooz Pencil Toppers are each called a Moop.  There are tons of styles to choose from each with their own Category, also known as Tribes/Moops;

  • Rainbow Moops -Are the happiest little group, they smile, laugh, and hug.
  • Nervous Moops –  Are a family of anxious fur balls – they jitter, shake and are always in a hurry.
  • 2 Faced Moops – A pack of moody characters – one day they are sweet and the next day they are rude.
  • Highlight Moops – Are a dressy group – they are always fancy and never messy. …
  • Mohawk Moops –  Are a tough crowd – they are loud and crazy but stick by their friends.
  • Punk Moops – A wild bunch of rebels – they have lots of style and like to party. (Hey I think these are my kind of Moops !!)

So how cool would these be to send home with the kids as a Party Favor along with some Fun Pencils – I say VERY COOL !!

So where can you buy them? Toys R Us, Wal-Mart

and Ebay of course.

I have get some of these for myself  so I can take a trip down memory lane, but now Kachooz Style.  I am in LOVE ♥♥♥. I think Kachooz should send me one of each, don’t you? lol

Take a look at the Kachooz Commercial:

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