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Kandy Kones are a Unique way to serve the Kids Treats at your next Party

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The new hottest trend in Kids Parties these days are Candy Buffets and Dessert Buffets. It is all about your display of delicious treats for your party guests to choose from. When I saw these Kandy Kones created by Geneviève, my Party Peep, at Celebrate Today I knew I had to share them with you. They are the perfect addition to any Party Table, Fun for the Kids and of course they Look Great.

So what are Kandy Kones? Basically they are a wonderful way to display and serve Candy and Treats to the guests at the party.They are made from Heavy Card Stock Themed Paper twisted and Decorated on a Stick for the kids to carry around filled with Yummy Treats for them to snack on. Love That !!!

So I asked Geneviève to introduce us to her new Kandy Kone creations.  So lets see what she has to tell us about them in her own words.

What inspired you to create Kandy Kones?

I’ve been looking to design a fierce party product forever, but there’s SO MUCH out there that I knew whatever I launched needed to be FRESH!  It all came together a few weeks ago when I was asked to “define” the term “superchick”!

Simply stated, a superchick is a woman who ROCKS her life!  She’s a bombshell who radiates confidence, tells it like it is and takes EVERYTHING she does to the next level!  She’s someone who believes that life is too damn short to waste even a single second so she “Celebrates TODAY”!  She’s passionate, creative, bold and just plain FUN!
Are you a superckick?!  I know you ARE!  So go ahead, live like a rockstar, laugh till your abs hurt and love yourself as much as you love others!  I know you want to!  I DO!

That said, while planning my most recent event, a “Little Red Ridding Hood” themed party, I crafted pretty yet “traditional” cones and then << insert lightbulb!>> I pushed myself to “the next level! I SUPERCHICKed them!  By adding the wooden skewers and dangling ribbons my Kandy Kones were born!  The reaction to them has been nothing less than dazzling!

Can you tell my readers a little about the Kandy Kones and some ideas that they can do with them?

I love to bunch the Kandy Kones together in unexpected vessels (jars, cans, planters…) and let them shine on a dessert/buffet table.  But you could always “plant them” individually on a styrotray!  I’d also love to see them inserted in a door wreath!  Use them as take away favors!  The possibilities are endless!

Can you custom make the Kandy Kones to match any Party Theme?

Absolutely!  That’s my ultimate goal!!!

What have been kids reactions to your Kandy Kones?

The kids LOVE them!  They tend to eat the treats and use the Kandy Kones as “wands!  So flippin CUTE!  I had one tiny princess fill her Kandy Kone with Barbie shoes and offer it to her mommy as a “gift”!  =)

What do you recommend filling these Kandy Kones with?

Kandy Kones can be filled with any sweet or salty treats (candy, mini cookies and nuts are great)!  They can also be filled with small trinkets and party prizes (crayons, stickers, rings)!  Oh, oh, and  flowers, pretty little flowers! (fresh or dried!)  That would rock too!  (I love anything little!)

These Kandy Kones would also make great Party Favors for the kids to take home from the party as well.  Use them as your Table Centerpiece and on the way out have each child pick one to take with them and enjoy the treats inside for after the party. Is it just me or do you also love Unique Ideas like this?

I would like to give a Shout Out Thank you to my friend Geneviève for taking the time to share these with us all and for coming up with another great idea for us parents to use at our Kids Birthday Parties to make them Unique and Special.

To Order yours Visit Geneviève’s Store: Kandy Kones

Also stop by her Blog which is filled with great Posh Party Ideas which are amazing: Celebrate Today


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  1. Kandy Kones are just the cutest! Love them.

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