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LED Birthday Candles that can be Blown Out

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Blow off LED candles

I have to share this great find I am so excited about. They are  Sensitive LED Candles that can be Blown Out and you can use them on your Birthday Cakes.  These take 3 LR44/AG13 batteries (which are included) and are turned on by lightly shaking them and turned off by Blowing on them. They come with various LED colored flames and resemble Tea Lights.

So why do I think these are so great? Well I can remember when my daughter was younger I think it was her second birthday. When it came to blowing out her candles she got too close and felt the heat on her face and almost burned herself.  Thank Goodness she did not, but ever since then she gets a bit scared when it is her Birthday and it comes to the candles.

I just think how great these would be for 1st Birthday Parties and for all the younger children and how safe they would be. They are also great for when you have a party somewhere that does not allow candles or flames. Think about the fun in an office and so on.

blow senstive birthday cake

You can also find these adorable Blow Sensitive Candle and Cake versions also. These take 2 AG13 Batteries which are included.  It is  3.15 in x 3.15 in x 2.56 in and an adorable Topper to your Birthday Cake or can be used all by itself. It is also great in the office as a cake that can be taken out when it is someones Birthday and they can be sung to and able to make a wish without getting in trouble for lighting candles from your boss.

led blow out birthday candle

Honestly I like the safety factor the best. It is always scary putting a lit flame in front of a baby on their 1st Birthday or any child for that matter and with this you will not have any more worries.  Even though some at that age have not even mastered blowing so if they wave their arms real good by the candle it will go off – so it is a win win.

These are sold at Deal Extreme and are very inexpensive. They can also be used Year after Year – so no more searching those drawers trying to find  Birthday Candles – These are just FUN!!!

Electronic Blow Sensitive LED Candle and Cake


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  1. Cake Topper says:

    These looks fantastic and would be great on any cake i have some really nice cake toppers you may like to have a look at

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