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Lifesize Justin Bieber Cardboard Cutout

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Justin Bieber Fans have been waiting patiently for this Lifesize Justin Bieber Carboard Cutout

and the wait is now over thanks to Ebay sellers for being on the ball. Now you can have a Lifesize version of Justin Bieber in your very own home.

This Cardboard Cutout stands at 70″ Tall – same height as Justin Bieber.  These are two dimensional Standee’s!  So real to look at!  Get one now, as this is a “Licensed Product” with a time limitation on how long they can be produced!

This is also a perfect addition to your Justin Bieber Birthday Party and will make for some fun Photo Opportunities for the party guests. Now you really can have Justin Bieber appear at your Birthday Party – so it is not the real deal, but I think it is a nice option and it will definitely be a BIG Hit at the party. Then after the party you have a wonderful keepsake that will keep on giving – I love Double Purpose Party Items.

To Order your Lifesize Justin visit here:

Lifesize Justin Bieber Carboard Cutout

You can also stop by my Justin Bieber Party Post for Supplies, Party Games and Ideas Here:


12 Responses to “Lifesize Justin Bieber Cardboard Cutout”
  1. Hollie Fisher says:


  2. It seems it has been removed from sale temporarily – keep checking back

  3. Shelly says:

    Where is the Justin Bieber cardboard cutout? I went to your moviecutout site and it did not show him as an option to buy?

  4. The Company has temporarily Removed it – keep checking back

  5. Katie says:

    Man i really want one and i can’t seem to find one.When will i be able to get one!

  6. I wish I knew – not sure why they have disappeared, but I am keeping my eye on it

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