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Little Einsteins Birthday Party

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Little Einsteins

If your child loves Play House Disney’s Little Einsteins they will certainly love to have a Little Einsteins Birthday Party. There is plenty of great party supplies to go along with this theme so lets be smart like they are and plan a perfect party for your Little Einstein. You can start of with some great Personalized Little Einsteins Party Invitations that are available on EBay and some of the sellers will even allow you to print them from home – so you last minute party planners you are saved.

little einsteins party invitationsOne of my favorite invitations is the Little Einsteins Scratch Off Invites

ones where you have a picture of your child on the invite and when your guests receive it they have to scratch the circle to reveal who the party is for. How much fun is that?

Also available is the Little Einsteins Deluxe Party Pack which will include the majority of your paper goods and features the kids favorite characters – Leo, June, Quincy, Annie and Rocket. This pack includes: 8 invitations, dinner plates, placemats, cups, forks, spoons, 16 napkins, tablecover, mylar balloon, 18 balloons (3 colors), crepe paper rolls (3 colors), curling ribbon (3 colors) and cake candles. Of course if you need more or less you can purchase the party packs to accommodate that.

little einsteins centerpieceFor some additional Little Einsteins Party Decorations

you can find custom made Little Einsteins Centerpieces, Little Einsteins Personalized Birthday Banners and more to make your party Unique and give it that extra touch.

little einsteins pinataYou can also find some great Little Einsteins Pinatas

for the party as well. You can fill them with fun Toys, Little Einsteins Stickers, and other fun trinkets for the kids. You can also see my post on Non candy Pinata Fillers and Pinata Games for more ideas. You can find some great Little Einsteins Party Games ideas, Food Ideas and tips – Here.

little einsteins rocket birthday cake

little einsteins birthday cakeNow onto your Little Einteins Birthday Party Cake. You have lots of choices here to so no need to panic. You can find Little Einsteins Edible Cake Images, Little Einteins Party Cake Toppers – which are the little PVC figures you just add on to the top, Little Einsteins Cupcake Toppers and Edible Images and more. So whatever you decide you can create a Little Einsteins Cake that will look terrific. You can also get creative and create a Little Einsteins Rocket Cake – You can find How to make a Little Einteins Rocket Cake on the Wilton Discussion board.

So now last but no least is your Little Einsteins Party Favors. Again this party theme is not lacking in great ideas. Just remember to keep it simple, set your budget and have fun. If you like you can do the Little Einsteins Party Favor Box which is all ready put together for you and includes: one cyan blue with white clouds box, an Little Einsteins Kaleidoscope, an Little Einsteins blowout, an Little Einsteins sticker sheet, assorted Color-Clay and an assorted cookie cutter.

Or you can have a little fun and get creative.  You can find some Unique Little Einsteins Party Favors

right on EBay like,  Custom made fabric Little Einsteins Favor Bags, Little Einsteins personalized bubble wrappers, Hershey Kiss Label Stickers, Little Einsteins Cookie and Lollipops, Little Einsteins personalized crayons and so much more you will be amazed at your choices.

A favor I really like is the Little Einsteins Sticker Book. Each book includes 22 coloring pages with games, over 50 stickers, plus a pull-out poster and growth chart. I think that alone would make a perfect party favor for any fan. It is also BUDGET FRIENDLY and who does not love that?

So with all of these great ideas your party should turn out perfect – so who is the Einstein now? You are!!! Just remember to have fun and enjoy.

If you are also looking for great gifts ideas – Check out all the Little Einsteins Gifts that are available.


12 Responses to “Little Einsteins Birthday Party”
  1. Nicole Mahany says:

    I’m doing the Little Einstein Themed Birthday PArty December 12, 2009. I need almost everything on this page.

  2. I am glad I can be of help – if you need anything just let me know – Happy Party!!!

  3. Frances says:

    Hey, where are you… I want that sheet cake for my sons party!!! if you are not near me.. does stores make it.. IE Pubix?? It is sooooooo cute!!

  4. All you need to do is click on the Purple words that read: Little Einteins Birthday Party Cake and you will be taken to where you will find that cake and lots of others – it is actually an edible cake image you can add to your sheet cake. Let me know if u need help with anythings else.

  5. Liz says:

    Was wondering who makes the Little Einstein character centerpieces? I really love them and want them for my daughter’s third birthday that is January 17. Help!

  6. Are you looking for Commercial ones to match the party supplies? If so check on Amazon. You can also look on Ebay or Etsy for custom ones.

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