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Monster High Movie News

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Great News for Monster High Fans, word has it that a Monster High Movie is in the works. From what I gather it’s target release date is 2012, so we will have to hang in there for a bit longer.

Alfred Gough and Miles Millar have been chosen to script Universal’s Monster High Movie. The guys are best known for bringing “Smallville” to television and for the movies “Shanghai Noon” and “Spider-Man 2”. Is this exciting or what?

The best part is that this Monster High Movie will be a Musical which of course will take place at Monster High with all the Freakishly Fabulous Characters. It will be a look at all the fun things and not so fun things that go on in High School, Monster High Style !!

Monster High is the first in house creation from Mattel that has gained majority popularity with their Webisodes, Dolls & Merchandise. I also know that because my daughter is huge fan and has a lot of these toys too. Now Mattel is taking it to the next level with this upcoming Live Action Movie which will no doubt be yet another success on their part.

Personally I had a good feeling about the Monster High Line when I saw it and I was right. Even I cannot wait for this movie to come out, I have watched some of the Webisodes and they are extremely funny and I think we can all relate to the show no matter what age we are.

Some have said that the Monster High Movie will be part “Beetlejuice” and part “The Addams Family.” Hey I am ok with that beacuse I love both those movies !!!

So I will be following this story and will keep you updated as I find out more info, but for now we just have to sit back and wait…

In the meantime if you are planning a Monster High Birthday Party stop by my post for all the Ideas, Games & Supplies:


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  1. in America says:

    very informetive …thanx alot

  2. crystal thames says:

    how much is the monster high movie?

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