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Monster Truck Pinata – Grave Digger

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Monster Truck Pinata

Monster Truck Pinata

Add a Monster Truck Pinata to your Monster Truck Jam Birthday Party. It is Grave Digger one of the most popular of all the Monster Trucks. It was one of my sons favorites when he was young.

This is a 16″ Pinata that is a traditional Smash Type, but you can add in the pull sting kit. Personally – I think the kids enjoy Smashing it vs. Pulling the strings, but it is a parents preference.

You can also start the party by sending out some Unique Personalized Monster Jam Birthday Party Ticket Style All Access Pass Invitations.

Check out my Blog Post on: Pinata Games and Non Candy Filler Ideas.


2 Responses to “Monster Truck Pinata – Grave Digger”
  1. awesome!!!!!
    I think that was a very cool party.

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