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Mr Men and Little Miss Birthday Party

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mr. birthday

I was so excited when I came across the Mr. Men and Little Miss Birthday Party Supplies – This was the first I have seen these so of course I have to write about them. I remember these books when I was a child and loved them. Now there is a TV Show The Mr. Men on the Cartoon Network that will have the kids wanting to have this as their Birthday Party Theme.

mr. tickle

These characters were created by writer Roger Hargreaves back in the early 70’s when he started with the Mr. Men Series and Little Miss followed later. I believe Mr. Tickle was the first in his series of books and came about when his son asked him to draw what a Tickle looked like and the rest is history. They almost remind me of Smurfs in the way they all have an emotion – like for instance Bashful Smurf – Mr. Bashful.

Mr Men party invitations

So lets move on to what Party Supplies are available for this theme.  We can start off with some fun Personalized Mr. Men and Little Miss Party Invitations that I have found on Ebay. You can find a number of design choices that can all be customized with your party information and you are also given the option to print them from home.

Mr Men and little Miss party supplies

Check out this Mr. Men and Little Miss Deluxe Party Packwhich includes 8 invitations, dinner plates, cups, forks, spoons, activity placemats, 16 napkins, solid-color tablecover, 18 balloons (3 colors), curling ribbon ( 3 colors), crepe paper rolls (3 colors), star confetti and cake candles. Now I do find this party package to feature Little Miss more so than Mr. Men so I think this is geared more towards the girls – just my opinion.

Mr Men party supplies

I did locate some Mr. Men Party Supplies that are more unisex and feature a lot more of the favorite Mr. Men characters in the design. This pattern is currently sold mostly in the UK at the moment, but I was able to locate it being sold on Ebay.  It is not a complete party pack like the one above, but you can find the plates, Loot bags, Balloons and Invitations and Blow Outs to match sold from this seller.   You can just fill in the missing pieces with some fun solid colors which any would go well with this pattern.

mr men wall decals

I also found some fun Mr. Men and Little Miss Wall Decorations that are removable and come in Small and Giant Size. These are great to put on the walls for the party and they can be removed and put in your child’s room when it is all over. I love things that have a double purpose.

mr men and little miss balloons

You can also find some great Mr. Men and Little Miss Mylar Balloons featuring Little Miss Sunshine and some of her other Mr. men Friends.  Add in some solid colored balloons to complete the festive look. Again being this design is so colorful you can really pick any color you would like to focus on.

mr men twister game

Some Fun Mr. Men and Little Miss Party Games I found are Mr. Men Twister which is played just like your regular game of Twister, but it features all of the fun Mr. Men and Little Miss Characters instead of your solid colored circles.  I also found Mr. Bump Make a Match Game w/ Figure which is a matching game for up to 4 players – the guests can take turns playing or you can rotate between games.  You can also find plenty of FREE Mr. Men and Little Miss Coloring Pages which could be a fun activity at the party as well. I was also able to find this FREE printable Mr. Men and Little Miss Bingo Game.

Little miss sunshine pinata

Also available is the Mr. men and Little Miss Pinata, which features Little Miss Sunshine. I was unable to locate any others featuring  just Mr. Men. Not to worry though you can use one of the Customized Birthday Party Pinatas that you can add your own photo to. Find a picture of your favorite Character and you can have it added directly on to the pinata. Problem Solved.

Mr Men birthday cake pattern

Cake Time!!! You can find lots of great Edible Mr. Men and Little Miss Cake Toppers which make it very easy to create a cake for this party theme. Or even better I was able to find an Ebay Seller who sells a pattern on how to make a Mr Men Birthday Cake. Just like the ones featured to your right in the photo – You have Mr. Tickle and Mr. Bump.  No special Equipment is needed and any one can do it.  The Pattern includes a delicious butter sponge cake recipe, as well as the paper pattern to use for each part. With full instructions on cake preparation, use of the pattern, ingredients and complete guide to decorating. I say that is a great deal.

Mr. Men and Little Miss Party Favor Box

Now lets move onto Party Favors.  Of course you can find the matching Mr. Men and Little Miss Party Favor Box which is geared towards girls and includes a pink heart mirror and brush set, 4 assorted-color butterfly hair clips, and a box of 4 crayons, plus a Mr. Men and Little Miss notepad, Mr. Men and Little Miss assorted blowout and Mr. Men and Little Miss sticker sheet.

I think the best party favor for this theme would be one of the many Budget Friendly Mr. Men and Little Miss Books available. You can mix and match titles or pick one and do all the same.  The books usually run $3.99 and under which cannot be beat. Just a fun tip – the book Mr. Birthday or Little Miss Birthday may be a perfect choice!!!

I hope I was able to give you some fun ideas and show you some of the Mr. Men and Little Miss Party Supplies available. There is not too much yet, but I think from what I found you can put together a great party.

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8 Responses to “Mr Men and Little Miss Birthday Party”
  1. Linette says:

    My son loves to go to their website and play all the Mr. Men games. He’s even got me hooked:-) It would be a fun idea for a party, you could bring in all the characters personalities.

  2. So true Linette – I absolutely love them too – I can be so many of them myself – like Little Miss Busy, Little Miss Chatterbox and Little Miss Blogger – lol

  3. Julia Gibson says:

    Hi, could you help me by telling me if i could order a few Mr man Joe little miss cake either from you. If this is possible could you tell me the price please of each item. I would be needing specific ones and approximately 10 in all. I may need a back drop as well and the house.
    I hope you can help
    i look forward to hearing from you at your convenience
    kind regard

  4. I am so sorry but I do not sell the cakes. Check with your local bakery.

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