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Customized Birthday Party Pinata using your Photo

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customized birthday party pinata

Did you know you can get a Personalized Pinata using your own Photo? Yes it is true – leave it to one of my favorite Ebay Sellers – The Original World of Pinatas to offer this great find for us. How fun would it be to have a Pinata at your Birthday Party with your picture on it or any photo that you love.   The Original World of Pinatas will do that for you and create your very own pinata that will have your guests in awe.  All you need to do is send your favorite photo, choose your personalization and they do the rest. They make all their pinatas by hand and each one is approx. 20″ High x 12″ Wide (other sizes are available).

personalized Pinata

Can you imagine the possibilities? You can use this type of Pinata not only for a Birthday Party, but Baby Showers, Company Parties,  Holidays, Sport Team Parties and so on. So if you have a party coming up and you want a Pinata, then I recommend trying out one that will have all your guests wondering how you did that.  These are a very Unique Find and all you need to do is figure out the best picture to use.

Some Photo Ideas:

  • A Photo of the Guest of Honor of course
  • Your Favorite Sports Team
  • Company Logo
  • Your Pet
  • A photo of your family
  • Vacation
  • Something Funny – Everyone has some funny photos

As I always say the Limit is your imagination – The possibilities are Endless – Just have fun with it and know no one will have the same Pinata at their party.

Also know that The Original World of Pinatas offers Pinatas in all the latest Birthday Party Themes, as well as  Mini Pinata Favors, Personalized Posters, CD-R Party Favors, Take Out Box Favors, Cupcake Toppers and more – all of which can be personalized.

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4 Responses to “Customized Birthday Party Pinata using your Photo”
  1. Sabina says:

    I was wondering… why would I want people to smash my face with a bat? (even if just a picture) As a guest oh honor I’d be offended if people would hit my picture for fun! Better re-think the strategy a bit…

  2. Believe it or not they sell. Really when u think about it what is the difference if they are hitting their favorite character either. Crazy right?

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