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Mr. Men and Little Miss Costumes

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I am personally a big fan of the Roger Hargreaves book series Mr. Men and Little Miss and still have them on my bookshelf to this day.  So when I saw these Mr. Men and Little Miss Costumes out this year it really made me smile.  It is always fun to see your childhood memories make a comeback almost 30 years later.

Last year Cartoon Network brought these fun Book Characters to TV in their own cartoon show called The Mr. Men Show. I think kids today have fallen in love with these characters like most of us have over the years of reading these books. I also hope that the kids will actually pick up the books too in addition to watching the TV Show – they really are lots of fun to read.

So for those kids who just love these characters – you know can dress up as one of them.

The New Mr. Men and Little Miss Costumes available are:

  • Little Miss Sunshine Costume – Gotta love her SMILE
  • Mr. Strong Costume – Full of Muscle
  • Little Miss Chatterbox Costume – I think I live with a Little Miss Chatterbox, my daughter – lol
  • Mr. Bump Costume –  Bandaged and ready to go.

These Costumes are all one piece pull overs and are One Size Fits Most. A basic Pair of Black Pants, Shirts and Shoes are all you need to complete the look.  I think they are just adorable !!! I can see the kids having a lot of fun wearing any one of these Halloween Costumes. I would wear one too, but currently there is no Little Miss Party Animal on the market – lol.

I always say that Halloween Costumes are not just for Halloween. If you are planning a Mr. Men and Little Miss Birthday Party any one of these Costumes would be great for the Birthday Child to wear to match their party theme. Or maybe they can put the costume on and read their favorite Mr. Men and Little Miss Book to the party guests. I think this would be a fun thing to do that will have the guests at the party really get into the theme and also hear a funny story of course.

I previously wrote a post full of fun ideas for this party theme you can see here:

Mr. Men and Little Miss Birthday Party

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