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One Direction Pumpkins with FREE Printables

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One Direction Pumpkins 1Do you have a One Direction fan in your home like I do? If so you have to create a set of these One Direction Pumpkins for your fan for Halloween. So EASY to do and so funny to look at.

My daughter is crazy about One Direction – what girl is not these days? Of course she is love with Harry Styles too just like millions of other girls out there. Personally I have a secret crush on Zayn even though I am probably double his age, shhhh. Come on he is sooo adorable!!

Last week I put up this post 40 EASY and Creative No Carve Pumpkin Ideas and one of the ideas was to cut eyes and mouths from magazines and stick on your pumpkins. I love that idea and decided this year I would do that with a twist – I would use photos of the One Direction members to create the band for my daughter and that is just what I did.

I think they came out hilarious and make me laugh every time I glance at them. My daughter of course loves them and I cannot tell you how many times she has kissed her Harry Pumpkin.

So let me tell how EASY these are to make. First I searched online for some good photos of each of them, made them the size I needed to fit on the 6″ Pumpkins I purchased (only 75 cents each BTW) and printed them out. I grabbed my scissors and glue stick and went to work. I cut out their eyes, mouth and hair of course – oh and I had to add on Zayn’s eyebrows to his. Then just took my glue stick and pasted them on – that is it!!!

Now to make it easy for you I put together the photos I used you can print out here: FREE Printable One Direction Pumpkin Faces or you can have your fan gather some magazines and posters they are not hanging up and cut them up to use. Easy Peasy.

Now let me share some more photos of how funny these are:

One Direction Pumpkin Faces 1

One Direction Pumpkin Faces

One Direction Pumpkin Faces 2

One Direction Pumpkin Faces 3

Come on you have to be giggling by now!!!

If you recreate some One Direction Pumpkins please she some photos of yours on my Facebook Page – I would love to see them!!

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