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40 EASY and Creative No Carve Pumpkin Ideas

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No Carve Pumpkin IdeasIt is that time of year again and if you are like me you are probably looking for some fun unique ways to create your Pumpkins with the kids. Look no further because I have compiled 40 No Carve Pumpkin Ideas right here to get you inspired. So put down those carving tools and check out all these alternatives.

Now I love carving pumpkins don’t get me wrong, but sometimes my mind goes blank when it is time to carve mine. In addition to that I find when you carve your pumpkins they don’t last as long sitting outside. So I tend to do a bit of both since the kids love to carve as well, but we save that to closer to Halloween.

So every year around this time I start to gather ideas on what I will do that does not consist of carving so I can put out some cool pumpkins early. Thanks to Pinterest, for making this task easier, I have found so many great ideas my head is spinning – so I figured why only have my head spin and that is why I decided to share 40, yes 40 of my favorite finds to share with you all.

Are you ready for idea overload? Because here it comes….

1. Tangled Spider Web Pumpkin

Spider web pumpkinI love this Tangled Spider Web Pumpkin Idea – How simple is this by just taking some string and wrapping it around your pumpkin and adding on a plastic spider? I have so many spiders hanging around my house I could even leave off the spider because I bet lots would just add themselves on – ewwww.

2. Candy Corn Painted Pumpkin

candy corn pumpkinI love these Candy Corn Painted Pumpkins – All you need is some spray paint in white, orange and yellow and those odd long shaped pumpkins and you have yourself a sweet decoration to put outside. This idea is top on my list for this year – I truly LOVE these!!

3. Cut Out Magazine Face Pumpkins

cut out magazine face pumpkinHow funny are these Cut Out Magazine Face Pumpkins? Can this be any easier to do? The kids would have so much fun cutting out faces from your old magazines to create some hilarious pumpkins to sit around the house. I have done this before and they just crack me up – glue dots or glue sticks are perfect for this. Maybe even cut out photos of the family and create your family. Hmmm wonder if my daughter would allow me to cut up one of her One Direction Harry photos to create her a special pumpkin? Ya know what I am doing the whole band – stay tuned for that post – cause it will be done!!!

4. Sequin Pumpkins

sequin pumpkinI am BIG fan of sparkle and these Sequin Pumpkins would do just that in the sun during the day. Sequins come in all colors and shapes and the kids will have a blast gluing these on to their pumpkins and it will definitely keep them busy for awhile – double BONUS.

5. Mr. and Mrs Potato Head Pumpkins

mr and mrs potato head pumpkinsOh come on these Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head Pumpkins are too funny.  If you have kids you definitely have some of these toys hanging around the house – pull them out and stick them in your pumpkins. Or you can find a large variety of Pumpkin Push Ins sold in the store in all sorts of fun designs and all you do is Push them In – so EASY.

6. Rhinestone Pumpkins

rhinestone pumpkinsBA-LING !!! Oh yeah baby Rhinestone Pumpkins are right up my alley. Again being I love sparkle these may just be on my to do list as well. Get out the glue gun and your rhinestones and just go crazy. You can also find self stick rhinestones in the craft store to make this design easy for the little ones. And again you can get rhinestones in all sorts of fun colors and shapes and you can even paint your pumpkin first and then bling it up – oh the sparkly possibilities!!

7. Junkins “Recycled” Pumpkins

recycled pumpkinsThey call these Junkins and that is pretty much what they are – your junk on a pumpkin – Genuis!! I am in love with this idea too and I think the kids will have a lot of fun gathering items they can stick on their pumpkins to see what they can come up with. Come on how cool is the idea to use a zipper for a mouth? love love love. ♥

8. Vegetable Pumpkin

vegetable pumpkinThis Vegetable Pumpkin is a healthy choice, but one you would have to put together on Halloween I think or the face and hair may wilt. I like this idea and I think if you put it outside the rabbits may like it too!! Yeah one for wildlife!!

9. Mummy Pumpkin

mummy pumpkinGrab your First Ad kit and the gauze to create this Mummy Pumpkin – oh and some googly eyes. They also covered the gauze with glow in the dark paint so it will have an eery glow when it is dark – cool idea!!  Oh be sure to replace the gauze in your first aid kit after you use it, just sayin’

10. Button Pumpkin

button pumpkinLove the simplicity of this Button Pumpkin and just the word Boo spelled out and an adorable bow at the top. Sometimes less is more. But the use of buttons to decorate a pumpkin is a fun idea and there are so many fun ways you can use them. Use your hot glue gun or glue dots for the kids!!

11. Puppy Pumpkin

puppy pumpkinOk this is one of my creations I did years ago – my Puppy Pumpkin. I just painted on a face, glued on gourds for ears and gave him a little patch of fur on his head. How cute is he? I loved this guy!! Woof Woof

12. Witch Pumpkin

witch_pumpkinI love Witch Pumpkins and especially love the one with the use of green paint to make her even uglier. The nose was added on to this one using modeling clay, BUT I love when you turn the pumpkin and use the long stem on the pumpkin as the nose – either way it is cool. Add some crazy hair and a witch hat and you’re set – easy peasy folks!!!

13. Big Eye Pumpkins

big eyed pumpkinsOk these Big Eyed Pumpkins or Undead Pumpkins made by the good ol’ Martha Stewart do require carving, but it is minimal and I freakin’ love them and had to add them on. All you need to do is carve out eye sockets and a very simple mouth – then you pop in those wrapped chocolate eyes you can find the in Halloween candy isle. I also love the use of the Whiteish colored pumpkins for a different look, but this will work in orange ones too.

14. Minion Pumpkins

minion pumpkinsThere are tons of character pumpkins you can find, but these Minion Pumpkins make me smile and who does not love minions? I love the use of ball jar tops for their goggles – well done!!

15. Mike Wazowski Pumpkin

Mike Wazowski PumpkinOk one more character Pumpkin cause I love him  – A Mike Wazowski Pumpkin. I am not sure the source of this one and I have seen a few versions out there, but this one was my favorite. I love the construction paper legs.  This design could not be any easy to make and the kids will love it. Oh have you seen my Mike Wazowski Apple Snack? Mike rules!!

16. Tiered Princess Pumpkin

princess pumpkinCreate this Tiered Princess Pumpkin with your little girl. I have seen tiered pumpkins, but never put together like this – just take some pretty paints and the perfect embellishments and you have a pumpkin fit for a princess. Do u know someone with a birthday in October or even on Halloween? Create a similar tiered design, but do it up like a Pumpkin Birthday Cake – now that would be awesome and different right?

17. Crayon Drip Pumpkin

crayon-drip-pumpkinWoW is all I can say about this Crayon Drip Pumpkin idea – what a great idea using all of those broken crayons you have laying all over the house. They just glued the crayons in place at the top to help adhere them and used a hair dryer to make them melt down the sides. Tell me the kids would not love to watch the melt and ooze all over the place. I would also finish it off with some glitter and BAM you got some sparkle to this cool design.

18. Thumb Tack Pumpkin

thumb tack pumpkinGrab your thumb tacks to create a Thumb Tack Pumpkin – gosh why did I never think of doing this? So easy and thumb tacks also come in every color you can think of. Again another very EASY pumpkin decorating idea for the little ones – just watch they do not poke their fingers.

19. Black Cat and Bat Pumpkins

black cat and Bat PumpkinThis Black Cat and Bat Pumpkins are adorable. It does look like the faces may be carved, but you can do the same design using a bright yellow paint. Use coffee stirrers glued on for the cats whiskers. I also love the use of fun patterned scrapbook paper to create bat wings, ears and the cat tail – that just gives this design the extra wow factor, don’t you think? I may have to make these too.

20. Witch Leg Pumpkins

witch leg pumpkinssHere are two versions of Witch Leg Pumpkins I adore.  The first picture they are painted on and then the stripes are lightly carved for a 3D Effect and they added on a bow that pops out on the shoe. The second photo is from Party Patisserie and they took a different approach by using actual striped tights that they decoupage glued onto the pumpkin. They finished it off by adding witches shoes cut from black felt. Love both ideas don’t you?

21. Scarecrow Pumpkin Head

Pumpkin-ScarecrowOk this Scarecrow Pumpkin is another one of my creations I made so many years ago. He sat in a chair looking cool in front of the house we were renting at the time and he got lots of compliments. Just create a scarecrow, sit it in a chair and place a fun painted face pumpkin on top to finish off the look – again so EASY!!

22. Chalkboard Pumpkin

Halloween chalkboard pumpkinsI really like the idea of these Chalkboard Pumpkins and so will the kids you know why?  Because you can change up the look of them each and every day – yup a new face every day for the whole month of October – how cool is that? The kids will have a lot of fun with this one. So who is going out to buy some chalkboard paint? Not me because I have some on hand and adding this one on my list as well.

23. Candy Pumpkin

candy pumpkinYes you read that right – this is a Candy Pumpkin!! Well not the pumpkin, but the decorations were designed by gluing on candies. Now that is a cute idea and you know there is no shortage of the kinds of candy you can use to create a fun design. My only worry with this one is the ants, but when it is cold outside if that is where you would put it – you may be ok.

24. Scarecrow and Black Crow Pumpkins

6b33792c64745e5b5ac78952c4b08d50Love this Scarecrow and Black Crow Pumpkin Idea – These were actually made using those fake craft store pumpkins which is a great choice so you can save them year to year, but these designs would be perfect on real pumpkins too. You can even use this Scarecrow idea for the head of your Scarecrow instead of the funny face I did on mine above.

25. Puffy Paint Pumpkins

puffy paint pumpkinNow this Puffy Paint Pumpkin design is not for little kids if you want the look to be like that, but they can still do fun things with the puffy paint. I just love how these look with the detailed design don’t you? I never even considered using puffy paints to decorate pumpkins – gosh so many ideas. I told you!!

26. Spider Pumpkin

spider pumpkinHere is a fun one – A Spider Pumpkin and it could not be any easier to create. They used bamboo skewers to keep the pumpkins together and I love the use of natural tree branches to create the legs. How cool would it be to have a whole bunch of these crawling on your lawn – ahhhh

27. Caterpillar Pumpkin

catepillar pumpkinThink of all the compliments you will get having this Caterpillar Pumpkin line up by your front door. Reminds me of the Hungry Caterpillar from the book. You can even use the same idea and create a snake!!!

28. Glitter Pumpkin

rainbow glitter pumpkinI have seen glitter used on pumpkins and I love it, but have you seen it used to create a Rainbow Glitter Pumpkin? I love this!!! They just painted all the colors around the pumpkin and then glued on the matching colored glitter!! Far out!!

29. Kitten Pumpkins

kitten pumpkinsI call this a litter of Kitten Pumpkins – I think it is cool how they used the middle of the bottom for their noses. Being an owner of 6 cats – this is a great idea to make one of each of my kitties and a great use of the smaller pumpkins you can get. Meowza!!

30. Eyeball Pumpkins

eyeball-painted-pumpkinsEYE think these Eyeball Pumpkins are awesome!! You look at them ad they look back at you – could it get any better?

31. Photo Pumpkins

photo pumpkinsI love the idea of these Photo Pumpkins. This is a unique way to display the kids dressed up for past Halloweens. If you want to keep these year to year then I would recommend using the fake craft store pumpkins. How cute would it be if every year you did a new one featuring last years costume and just kept building on. Just takes some paint, photo and decoupage. Check out their tutorial HERE. Wish I did this when my kids were young. I do however take out framed photos of them from past years, but I really like this idea so much.

32. Pin and Yarn Pumpkins

pin and yarn pumpkinsI found the idea for these Pin and Yarn Pumpkins to be very different and probably a lot of fun for the little ones.  Just take push pins and place all over your pumpkin in a design or random and then let them take different colored yarns and start wrapping it around for a cool fun effect.

33. Hammer and Nails Pumpkin

hammer and nails pumpkinThis Hammer and Nails Pumpkin idea definitely needs supervision if you let the kids do it, but what a fun idea it is. Who does not have a million nails laying in their garage? and if not they are so cheap to buy a box or two. Not only that kids always want to be like daddy and use the hammer that I think they would have a really great time creating their pumpkin with this method. I know my son would have loved this when he was younger and heck probably would still now and he is 15.

34. Pumpkin Totem

Jack-O-TotemThis Pumpkin Totem was created using fake craft store pumpkins, but again you can also use real ones. What I love about this is not only the cute faces, but how they used different ribbons to create the mouths.

35. Duct Tape Pumpkins

Duct Tape PumpkinsGotta love Duct Tape right? but have you ever thought about using it to create your pumpkin design – for whatever reason I have not, but now I am.  The ideas are endless and so are the design patterns and colors duct tape comes in now. You can see about a trillion creative Duct Tape Pumpkins on duct tapes website HERE where they run a contest called Stick or Treat. Now really get ready for overload.

36. Lighted Pumpkins

no-carve-creations-great-balls-of-fire-lgnSo simple, but yet a big impact. Something about the look of these Lighted Pumpkins I truly love. Again sometimes less is more.

37. Owl Pumpkin

owl pumpkinThis cute Owl Pumpkin does not take much to create folks – Just a good sized pumpkin and 3 white or yellow gourds cut and that is it – look how darn cute that is!!

38. Glow in the Dark Pumpkins

glow in the dark pumpkinsSteve Spangler created these eerie Glow in the Dark Pumpkins using this Glow Powder he sells on his website. I love when you can light up the pumpkins without using candles and these look extra spooky.

39. Beaded Pumpkins

bead pumpkinHave some beads hanging around? Try creating a Beaded Pumpkin like this one. Yes it will be tedious work, but the end result is pretty neat I think.

40. Ombre Pumpkins

ombre pumpkinsThey call these beauties Ombre Pumpkins – to me they look Tye dyed. Either way I love this look and it is all about blending your paint colors together – fun, easy and very cool when finished.

Well there you have it peeps 40 No Carve Pumpkin Ideas all compiled in one place. If you were not inspired to get creative from all of these ideas something is wrong with you, lol. Personally my head is still spinning because I want to try them all. I have gotten some inspiration myself and have some ideas on what I will try this year and will share with you shortly – got to get some pumpkins first.

A lot of these ideas are fun to do with the kids – not all are less messy than carving, but I think you can get really creative.

Try something new at your next Halloween Party, Fall Festival, with the Girl Scouts or Boy Scouts and wow your neighbors when they come to your door for Trick or Treat night.

Anything goes folks!!!

Follow me on Pinterest to see all the awesome ideas I find organized in my boards. Oh and if you create some cool Pumpkins this year because I inspired you with this post to do so – please share your photos on my Facebook Page so I can see them – I would LOVE that.



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  1. Lora says:

    Love, Love, Love these ideas. Last year we carved about 5 pumpkins which rotted before Halloween. Going to do some of these ideas!!! THANK YOU

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