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Paste Your Face Standees – A Cardboard Stand Up of You

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I just came across these Paste your Face Standees

from Shindigz and I think these are just too much fun. I love personalized party supplies and this one would definitely be a conversation piece at your next party. It is a Cardboard Stand Up of You !!!

These Paste your Face Standees allow you to upload any picture, and paste your face on a body of one of the cardboard cutout designs Shindigz has to offer and there are many to choose from.

You will find a Santa Standee (Pictured), Nutcracker Standee, Fireman Standee, Superhero Standee, Mom to be Standee, Hawaiian Standee, Muscle Man Standee, Bride Standee and many more for each Holiday and I am sure more to come. I love them all !!!

Some of these Cardboard Cutout Standees stand as tall as 6′ Tall – Can u imagine? It is like a life size caricature. I think they also make fun gifts too.

Shindigz is one fun company to work for too – I follow them on Facebook and they post parties they have in the office using their Party Supplies and they look amazing. This photo was on FB showing how they made a Paste your Face Santa Standee for each of the employees as part of their holiday decorating. How cool is that?

Is that funny or what? I may have to make one of these for each of my kids.

Best part is you can take them out year after year.


4 Responses to “Paste Your Face Standees – A Cardboard Stand Up of You”
  1. Trish says:

    These are great! I ordered one too!

  2. Cool – I love them!!

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