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Paw Print “LOVE” Cupcakes ~ Perfect for Valentine’s Day

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Paw print love cupcakesHere are some adorable Paw Print “LOVE” Cupcakes I made to go along with my Valentine’s Day Party Theme I was putting together.  I have to share with you how EASY these are to make because I think they are beyond cute.

My party theme for Valentine’s Day is Bear Hugs and Kisses and I always make cupcakes for all of my parties and wanted to create some Paw Print Cupcakes, BUT being it was for Valentine’s Day I changed it up a bit and added a heart to the Paw Print as you can see in the photo.

The Paw Prints were made from Vanilla Chocolate and so simple and quick to do anyone can do it – no worries I am gonna show you how. In addition to that I also going to share my review of a new product I found which is Betty Crocker’s Shake n’ Pour Confetti Cupcake Mix.

So here is what I used to make my Paw Print “LOVE” Cupcakes:

  • Baked Cupcakes
  • Vanilla or White Frosting
  • Red & Pink Food Coloring Gel
  • Vanilla Chocolate Melting Wafers
  • Make n Mold Fine Point Decorating Bottle
  • Wax Paper
  • Template (explained below)

Now let me show how EASY these are to create:

Betty Crocker Shake and Pour Cupcakes

Before I get to the LOVE Paws let me talk about this new product I found in the baking isle. While I was gathering my baking supplies I spotted on the shelf Betty Crocker’s Shake n’ Pour Cupcake Mixes.  It is a cupcake mix in a container that all you need to do is add water and shake and your batter is ready to pour into your cupcake liners.

Now I am all about convenience and this made me very excited. Sometimes when I do a cupcake tutorial I just want to get to the decorating without the hassle of taking out my mixer and all the other stuff., BUT the cupcakes still have to taste good.

So I picked up the Confetti Cupcake Mix to try out – this also comes in Chocolate and they even make a Brownie Mix too.

So all you do is add in 1 Cup of Water and Shake – so easy and my arm got a mini work out at the same time – BONUS!!

Then you just pour it into your cupcake liners and guess what no mess, love that.

Now I did find a lot was left n the container, but if you have a mini spatula you can scrape out the excess.

I stuck them in the oven to bake and they came out PERFECT. This bottle made 12 cupcakes.

BUT do they taste good? I will get to that at the end after I show you how to make the LOVE Paws….

Paw print love cupcakes 2

So to create the LOVE Paws I took some Vanilla Chocolate Melting Wafers and placed them into my Make n Mold Fine Point Decorating Bottle

and microwaved it until it was nice and melted. I love these bottles and you can find them online or in your local craft store – they are the best and so much fun to work with.

I also created a template to use by drawing out my Paw Print design on paper with a black marker and then I took Wax Paper and placed that on top of it.

I then just took my melted chocolate and following my design filled it in – this is so much fun.

I just moved the template underneath the wax paper to create more Paw Prints. I needed 12 sets in total, but made more because I had extra chocolate in my bottle I did not want to waste and they became a snack for me – lol.

They you just let them harden up and it is time to decorate!!

I frosted my cupcakes – I did half of them Red and the other Pink.

Then I just placed on my LOVE Paws upside down smooth side up as shown and that is it – Just PAWfect!!!

So how did the cupcakes taste?

Well they tasted like cupcakes – not bad at all. I found they were smaller than when you make a box mix or make them from scratch, but there were no complaints and they were moist. Will I use them all the time – no probably not all the time, but they are definitely a great option when you want something quick and fast.

In addition to the cupcakes the chocolate LOVE Paw Print on the top was a yummy treat and you can choose to use Milk Chocolate for that as well.

These cupcakes are perfect for the kids Valentine’s Day Party or this design is also great for any Animal Themed Party.

Bear Hugs and Kisses Valentines Day Party
Take a look at them in action here: Bear Hug and Kisses Valentine’s Day Party Theme

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