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Personalized Bingo Games for your Party

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For my daughter’s Bingo Birthday Party I had the opportunity to do a review on some Personalized Bingo Games

from my friends at Truly Bill-Eve on Ebay.  I had a couple other Bingo Games at the party in addition to this one.  Being the party was based around Bingo I wanted to mix things up a bit and offer some different Bingo Games for the kids to play.

Truly Bill-Eve offers a HUGE variety of Personalized Theme Bingo Games, so one of the hardest parts for me was choosing from the 100’s of great theme choices they have to offer. With my daughter’s help we decided on their Flower Power Bingo Cards.  My daughter thought these were quite Groovy – lol.

As you can see in the photo to the right Truly Bill-Eve personalized each of the Bingo Cards with “Happy Birthday Amber” – This made my daughter feel extra special when it came to playing this Bingo Game at the party. You can personalize your Bingo Cards with any message you want – Love That.

When you order your Personalized Bingo Games from Truly Bill-Eve here is what you get:

  • 5.5″ x 8.5″ Bingo Cards printed on 110 Pound Card Stock – Theme & Personalization of your choice
  • Bingo Game Directions and Playing Tips
  • Calling Cards to match your Bingo Game Card Theme

When I received these Bingo Cards in the mail I was extremely impressed by the Quality of the entire package. The Bingo Cards were Brightly Colored and the weight of them was perfect. The Bingo Game Instructions were thorough and well written giving you everything you needed to know to play the Bingo Game. The Calling Cards were all printed which you just need to cut up – No Biggy. Then you are ready to play BINGO.

***NOTE: You also have the option of receiving your Bingo cards via a PDF File that is sent directly to your email so you can print them right from home. No waiting which is great for those last minute party planners – You know who you are – lol. ***

The Bingo Game play is super easy.  Being the kids have to match Photos vs. Numbers you just hold up the Calling Card and tell them which letter and the name of the photo they are looking for. Each calling Card has it all on it – the Letter, Photo and what it is Called. It does not get any easier than that.

To make it even more fun for the kids at my party – I got them each a Bingo Dauber

, but you can use anything for your Bingo Chips – like actual Bingo Chips, Pennies, Stickers, Noodles, Candy etc…

As far as playing for prizes – that is your call – Kids love to play Bingo regardless. For me I had some prizes available. I set it up so the first person who got a regular Bingo won a bigger prize and then I had some others for the next regular Bingo etc… I also had a Prize Box that all the non winners could pick from just so that there were no hard feelings.

When playing Bingo you can play a number of different games just from one card – You can start with Regular Bingo, 4 Corners, Do Letters and even go for a Full card. So one Bingo Game can be played for quite a long time.

So at your next Party add in a game of Bingo – kids love it – it is fun and with the Personalized Bingo Games that Truly Bill-Eve has to offer there is no doubt you will find what you are looking for to match your party theme. You can find Alice in Wonderland Bingo, iCarly Bingo, Thomas the Train Bingo, Littlest Pet Shop Bingo, Zhu Zhu Pet Bingo, Mickey Mouse Bingo, Princess Bingo – I can go on and on. To see all the Personalized Bingo Games they have to offer stop by their EBay Store Here: Truly Bill-Eve

and tell them The Party Animal sent ya.

Thanks Yvonne for the opportunity to review these and me and the kids give them 2 Thumbs Up and 2 Feet up too !!!

Here are some pictures of the kids at my Daughter’s Bingo Birthday Party in action

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