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Pinkalicious Birthday Party Theme

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If you have a young girl in your home then I am sure you are familiar with Pinkalicious.  She is the star of her very own book series written by Victoria and Elizabeth Kann that little girls are head over heels for. In addition to that she is now appearing in her very own Musical on stage. There is nothing better for kids than to see their favorite Characters from a book come to life right before their eyes.  A friend of mine took her young daughter to see it and said it was wonderful – I bet they were Tickled Pink !! lol

So I know many little girls will be asking their parents for a Pinkalicious Party Theme for their Birthday.  So that is where I come in and I am going to show you how to put one together for your little fan from start to finish right here.  I think Pinkalicious is a wonderful character and I can see why little girls everywhere love her.  I have read the books to do my research for this party theme and they are adorable and I know if she was around when my daughter was younger she would have been in love with her too. So lets get this Pinkalicious Party started……

Lets start off with some Pinkalicious Party Invitations. If you follow my posts you know that I love to find great party invites on EBay. You can find a great selection of  Pinkalicious Party Invitations

that can be personalized with all your party information and sometimes even a photo of the Birthday Child. The ones I have featured in the photo to your right even come with a FREE Sheet of Pinkalicious Address labels to go with them. You may also like to add on the Invitations for your party guests to come dressed to the party in their best PINK Outfit – just adds to the Fun.

I also found fun Purplicious Party Invitations

being offered from EBay seller Shutterbug Sentiments that you can add a photo of your child on. Of course they also offer that same invitation in Pinkalicious too. So there are many options in addition to the ones that I have featured here. These just happen to be a couple of my favorite choices.

Now onto what is available for your Pinkalicious Party Supplies. What I love about this party theme is that you can really do any party supplies you would like as long as they are PINK of course. This party is all about the color pink – it is a Pinkalicious Party ya know.

I was able to find these great Pinkalicious Party Supplies that are all about the love of Pink and actually say Pinkalicious on them.  You can purchase the pieces individually so you can just buy what you would like and mix it up with some solid pink colors.

UPDATE: I am tickled Pink to tell you that The Official Pinkalicious Party Supplies are now in !!! To Order Visit Here:
Pinkalicious Party Supplies

I was also able to find some Pinkalicious Balloons

on Ebay that feature yours truly Pinkalicious on them, which seem to be hard to find at this time.

If you cannot find them you can have bouquets of Pink Balloons and even add in a couple fun Pink Cupcake Mylar Balloons

to add a special touch being Pinkalicious loves her Pink Cupcakes.

Now lets move on to the fun party of the party – Pinkalicious Party Games and Activities !!!

Pin the Cherry on the Cupcake Game – What you will need to do is buy some Poster Board and draw a really big PINK Cupcake – you do not need to be an artist to do this – so easy.  Than use some Red construction paper and cut our enough Cherries for each of your party guests. Then play the game as you would Pin the Tail on the Donkey and see who can Pin the Cherry on the Top.

FREE Printable Pinkalicious Party Games – On the Pinkalicious Website I was able to find 7 FREE Printable Pinkalicious Activities you can print up for the party. They include: Help Pinkalicious and Goldilicious get outside to play maze, A Pinkalicious Picnic, Pink Words, Words Inside Words, Think Pink, Colorlicious and Letter Scramble. These are all FREE and the kids will love to do them – if you decide not to use these at the party then print them up, staple them together and send them home as an added bonus in the favor bag.

What is missing? – Kids love this game. What you need to do is gather a bunch of items from your home that are the color PINK and place them onto a tray and cover them with a Pink Towel or Blanket. When it is time to play the game uncover it and let the kids study all the PINK items on the tray. then have them turn around and while they cannot see take one of the items away. Then let them turn back around and which ever guest can figure out which item is missing wins !!! You can keep playing as long as you like. You can even move the items around to make it harder for them too.

Guess how many Pink Gumballs? – Pinkalicious loves Pink Gum too so this will be fun. Fill a Gumball Machine, which you can find at your local Dollar Store, with Pink Gumballs. Be sure to count them and write it down somewhere. The let the kids see if they can guess the number of Pink Gumballs are in there.  Which ever guest comes the closest wins the Gumball Machine filled with the Gumballs. You can also make up smaller baggies with some Pink Gumballs for the party guests who do not win so they all get some for their effort.

Musical Thrones – This game idea comes from the Pinkalicious Site.  Set up chairs as you would normally do for Musical Chairs. Then what you will do is read the Pinkalicious Story and every time the party guests hear the word PINK or Cupcake they must grab a chair. Keep playing and reading until you have a winner.

A great Pinkalicious Party Activity would be to have the girls Stuff a Unicorn. Pinkalicious has a best friend Goldilicious who is a Unicorn so this would be just perfect. These Stuffable 16″ Unicorns are available on my Website – The Party Animal. The unicorn pictured to your left is one of many Whimsical Unicorn styles I carry – they are also available in 8″ Size so there is something for everyone’s budget. These will also become your party favors.

These Stuffable Unicorns Kits come with everything you need – Plush Unicorn, Stuffing, Wishing Star Insert, Custom Birth Certificate and Directions. They are stuffed by hand and have an easy Velcro Closure on the back. You can even add a T-Shirt for the kids to decorate or one of the many outfits available for dress up. The Princess Outfit is perfect and comes with Tiara and Wand – just like Pinkalicious.

Another fun Pinkalicious Party Activity would be to let the kids create their very own Tiaras and Wands.  These Foam Tiaras and Wands are ready to be designed any way you like. The kids can color them with Markers. You can also have them add on some self adhesive Gems and Rhinestones or use fun Foam Stickers to create their designs. Remember this also becomes part of their party favors they get to bring home.

Then you can let the kids run around and pretend they are turning everything PINK !!!

Of course you will need to have a Pinata at the party and there is nothing more perfect than a Pink Cupcake Pinata to fit the bill for this party theme. You can have so much fun filling this up with all kinds of PINK Candies and Goodies.  You can also find some Personalized Pinkalicious Hershey Kiss & Chocolate Nugget Stickers

on EBay to add on some of the candies. You can also add in some Pink Bouncy Balls, Pink Cupcake Erasers, Any Pink Stickers etc… Just Think Pink and have fun with it.

Of course you will want to have Pink Cupcakes at the party, but it is more fun to turn it into an activity for the kids. You can do this by baking some Vanilla Cupcakes in advance, but before baking add some Red Food Coloring into the batter to turn your Cupcakes Pink. You can bake Strawberry Cupcakes, but not all kids like that. I would also have some Chocolate baked just in case they all do not like Vanilla too. Then before the party place some Vanilla frosting into plastic cups so each party guest would have enough to frost their cupcake. When it is time to decorate just go around and add a drop of Red Food Coloring each cup and let the kids make their own Pink Frosting by mixing it up.  Have out a nice variety of Cupcake decorations for them to choose from, but make sure they are all PINK.  These Pink Cupcakes can be what they eat for cake time or you can send them home with the kids as part of their party favors in a Cupcake Box or Take Home Container.

Here are some fun Pinkalicious Cupcake Toppers

I found if you wanted to just make the cupcakes prior to the party without making them a party activity. These Toppers can also be personalized. You can even create your own Pinkalicious Cupcake Toppers by printing some images off the internet cutting them into circles and placing them onto some Pink Card Stock – attache a Craft Stick and stick into your cupcakes – it is very easy to do.

If you wanted to make a Pnkalicious Birthday Cake then I would suggest making a Giant Cupcake Cake using a Giant Cupcake Pan

and of course decorating it all in PINK.

Now lets talk about some Pinkalicious Party Favors. There are so many things you can do for Party Favors. Being Pinkalicious is a Book Series I would play off of that, but most of the girls coming to the party probably have all the books already. There are plenty of other fun books that are based on the color PINK and I would go with one of them. I love giving sending the kids home with a book when I can – it is a usable party favor you can feel good about.  You can add in a bookmark, along with a Pink Cupcake in a Cupcake Container they can use again and a Pink Lemonade Juice Box. Then the kids go home with a Good Story to read and a snack they can enjoy along with it – Simple and Perfect.

Also be sure to stop by The Pinkalicious Website for more FREE Printables like Pinkalicious Coloring Pages and Pinkalicious Party Food Ideas and more fun stuff for the kids.

I hope I was able to inspire you with some great ideas for your Pinkalicious Party and if you think I have missed any please leave some of yours in the comments below.


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  2. Jenn says:

    Your blogs are so informative! Everything anyone could be wondering about concerning the topic-you’ve got it covered! Thank you so much! Pinkalicious is pretty new on the scene, but she is definitely getting some attention, and knowing where to buy supplies is very helpful. Thank you!

  3. Thank you so much – I try to help and have everything there to make it easy on parents. I appreciate you taking the time to leave me a comment – made me SMILE ;0)

  4. Valerie says:

    I was just wondering if the invitations on ebay can be custom made for my daughter, or where I can get custom made pinklicious party invitations? Thanks a bunch!

  5. Yes – The Invitations on EBay allow you to Personalize them with all your own Party Information. Each seller is different, but there are lots of fun options available.

  6. Beth says:

    I really love the pinkalcious invitations, but cannot seem to find on ebay….could you give more info on where to find? thanks so much!

  7. Pam says:

    I love the Pinkalicious invite that you have shown on this page but it is not an option in the link. Can you tell me where to find it?

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