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New Pokemon Costumes – Pikachu and Ash

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New Pokemon Costumes are available this year with new updated looks for the Pikachu and Ash Costumes. Let me show you them and lots of other Pokemon Costume choices.

Is your little one a fan of Pokemon? So many kids are or may have just become fans since the recent release of the Pokemon Black and White Games. I guess with the new games come some new costumes and that is exactly the deal with these New Pokemon Costumes.

There are two new costumes that have been updated this year which is the Pikachu Costume and the Ash Costume. Both look good, new and fresh. So even if your child dressed as Pokemon last year – this year they can do it again and look a bit different.

My son never got into the whole Pokemon craze, but a lot of his friends did. I planned a Pokemon Party years back for my friends son and boy is there a lot to know about Pokemon – I remember my head spinning trying to grasp it all. Maybe because I am old because the kids love it and personally I think Pikachu is adorable – lol.

You can find these new costumes available here: New Pokemon Costumes


There are plenty of Pokemon Costume choices out there in addition to the new costumes. There are many Pikachu and Ash Costumes that just have slightly different looks. I also found a Treeko Costume,  Charmeleon Costume, Torchic Costume, Mudkip Costume, Cubone Costume, Marill Costume and tons of Pokemon Costume Hats featuring some of the other popular Pokemon Characters.

You can find all of these on Amazon Here: Pokemon Costumes.

For even more Pokemon Costumes I suggest checking here on Ebay

where you will find an ever larger variety – I have seen a lot of Handmade Pokemon Costumes of characters you will not find in the stores.

If you are creative you can also make a Pokeball Costume just like this one made by a very handy Mom. You can read how she did it Here.

And remember Costumes are not just for Halloween – Kids love to play dress up all year round. Having a Pokemon Birthday Party Theme? Why not let the guest of honor dress up as their favorite Pokemon Character to greet the guests at the door !! Fun Fun Fun


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  1. Nat says:

    Hi, nie post, i would like to share this with you. She made an easy tutorial about how to make a cute pikachu t-shirt, it’s so simple, it’s worth it <<33

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