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A “Real” Handmade Angry Birds Party

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You will be truly blown away by this Handmade Angry Birds Birthday Party, I know I was. Everything for this party was handmade and not a single detail was missed.

Even though there are commercial Angry Birds Party Supplies on the market, only a few were used for this party and lots of money was saved in the process.  I cannot take credit for this amazing party, because this one is being shared by one of my creative friends Elieen from Behar Party Designs. She put a lot of time and work into this party for her son and it definitely shows.

There were so many pictures of this party that I did not want to leave any of them out, so I put them into a video for you to see. So sit back and take in all the creativeness – this is beyond cool:

Eileen was kind enough to also share some details of the party with you and here they are in her words:

My son, Brandon, wanted his 7th birthday to be an Angry Birds theme, so it became affectionately known as his “Angry Birdsday Party”!!!  Yes, we got some Angry birds plates and napkins for the party, but I am a party planner and crafter and wanted this to be over the top.

So, here goes:

The Banner – the idea just came to me as I was looking at poster board at The Dollar Tree.  I hand drew the faces for the black, red, yellow and blue angry birds as well as the green pig and created a template for future use.  I also cut out the adornments for each.  The lettering was just done by uploading the Feasts of Flesh font from the internet and using Microsoft Word.  The banner is tied together with black tulle.  A very interesting and unique banner that is one of a kind.

I also wanted Brandon’s name to be special and really wanted to use Nicole’s Angry Birds Face Templates here on the Party Animal Blog site.  So, I got the idea to display them individually on black buckets I found at The Dollar Tree.  Same idea with the font print outs from Word, cut out and glued with a regular craft gluestick (worked perfectly and removal will be easy to use the buckets for another project).  I purchased the large punch ball balloons from Oriental Trading, blew them up and used packing tape to tape the face on.  The surrounding “nest-like” area you see is Spanish moss, also bought at The Dollar Tree.

I created a sort of photo op area with crowns that I jeweled up from Oriental Trading and masks hand-made by me.  I, again, hand drew the faces, using a ready made mask to understand where the eye holes would lie, and cut them out, using a small scalloped punch to cut out the eyes for ease.  They were then hot glued to a craft stick!!!!  The kids went crazy over them!!

The favor bags were easy – face print outs of the red and yellow bird from the internet, cut to size and glued to Dollar Tree bags.  Inside were sling shots, boomerangs, golden eggs with little crazy bird pop up figures  – all gotten from Oriental Trading.  The Angry Birds fruit snacks were from a local Wal-Mart as were the bandaids.

The other special favor I did were the bird houses – another great hit with the kids.  They were bought from Oriental Trading.  I assembled them (hot glued loose parts) and spray painted them red and blue.  Used my 3 inch scalloped circle punch and printed some images from the net and VOILA – Angry Bird Houses!!!

I made another tulle wreath – this time a very colorful wreath with Brandon’s party information in the center.  This was placed next to the “guess the amount of angry bird eggs” game, which were, in fact, colored gumballs.

The punch beverage dispensers as well as the “Angry Bird Food” bowls were adorned with Nicole’s Angry Birds Face Templates, too!!!  I made special tent cards for the food and beverages out of old, small vegetable aluminum cans, wrapped in card stock.  A great idea and eco-friendly!!!

The past time at the party was a big bouncer/slide we rented and named “Blue Bird”s Bounce House Nest”.  The kids LOVED IT!!!

What party is not complete without desserts.  I made King Pig Cake Pops – used my 3 tier stand and made it look like each tier was a crown in it’s own right!!!!  A good friend of out family, Janice Rozycki, made the magnificent cake.  It was the highlight of the party and VERY tasty!!

I hope I have inspired you to have your own, Handmade Angry Birdsday Party!!!

I personally love homemade party supplies and make my own for my kids parties every year. Yes I also combine in some commercial stuff when needed, but making your own if you are able just adds a special touch. I think Eileen did an incredible job and she definitely put in a lot of work, but that is one party that will be a great memory for her son. Hmmm wonder what she will do next year to top that?

If you are interested in any of the items from Eileen’s Angry Birdsday Party you can contact her via her Facebook page – Behar Party Designs.


8 Responses to “A “Real” Handmade Angry Birds Party”
  1. Eileen Behar says:

    So awesome, Nicole! Thank you so very much!! Xoxo

  2. oh no you’re awesome Eileen !! ;0)

  3. mbergeson2002 says:

    I used your templates on giftbags and a shoebox wrapped in green tissue paper! took me an hour… so fun! I am working on how to post a picture…

  4. megan says:

    Really cool ideas for an Angry Birds party.

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