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Rio Birthday Party Theme

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Coming to theaters April 15th 2011 is the New Rio Movie and being this movie is made by the same people who brought us Ice Age I think it will be a hit with the kids. So I wanted to give you some inspiration for a Rio Birthday Party Theme, because the kids will be asking – I just know it.

First here is a little synopsis: The Rio Movie is about a domesticated Macaw named Blu who lives a laid back life with his owner Linda in a small town in Minnesota. One thing about Blu is that he never needed to learn to fly. Linda hears that Blu may be the last of his kind, but when they learn there is another Macaw like him in Rio de Janerio they pack up and head to the Exotic Land.  There they meet up with Jewel, another Macaw just like Blu. Not long after they arrive Blu and Jewel are kidnapped by animal smugglers. With the help of Jewel and her friends they escape, but they must teach Blu how to fly to keep him safe and get him back to his Best Friend Linda. This movie will definitely have a lot of fun adventure and I am really looking forward to seeing it myself.

So now on to the Party…………..

Let start with some Rio Party Invitations

and being this party is based around a movie there is nothing better then Ticket Style Invitations. Ebay has a nice selection of Rio Invitations available from your Ticket Style to your VIP Pass Invites and they all can be personalized with your party information. A lot of sellers even give you the option to print them from home – so no worries for you last minute party planners.

The Rio VIP Pass Invitations would be a big hit with the kids if you are taking them to see the movie – they wear them to the show and it makes them feel extra special, trust me I have done it and it is too cute.

Currently there are no Official Rio Party Supplies on the market, it does not mean that none will be coming out, but when and if they do I will update this page with them. Not to worry because being this movie takes place in Tropical Rio de Janerio  you can incorporate any Tropical Party Supplies to pull it off.

Personally I love the look of the Neon Tropical Party Supplies that is pictured to the left. I love the solid colors and then bringing in additional tropical decor to the party area is perfect. You can hang up some of the Rio Movie Posters in your party area as well. So as you can see decorating will be quite easy – just think Tropical and there are plenty of Tropical Party Supplies out there for every budget. Have fun with it.

For your food add in lots of Tropical Fruits that the kids will eat along with all your typical Party Food you would normally serve. And make sure you have some good Tropical Music such as the Rio Movie Soundtrack (due out in March). As Jewel  from the movie would say “Easy Breezy !!”

Now for some Fun Rio Party Games and Activity Ideas:

Being Rio will make its debut in the Spring, it is the perfect time to get the kids outside for some fun. So one fun activity you can do is have the party guests create their very own Foam Bird Glider using Markers, Crayons and Stickers. Then you can turn it into a game and see whose Bird can Fly the farthest., if it can fly at all (lol). You can also hand out awards for most creative, best in flight, most colorful etc.. And of course they get to take it home as part of their party favor.

In the Rio Movie you will not be able to help falling in love with the Mariachi Band made up of Birds of course.  So let the party guests have some fun creating some Maracas of their own so they can rock out Rio Style.  The Wooden Maracas Craft Kit comes with everything you need Wood Maracas, Paint & Brushes. If you do not want the kids to paint then let them decorate them using Markers, Crayons or Stickers. Once they are done let make up their very own Mariachi Show & Dance while you sit back and giggle.

We all know that Parrots, in this case Macaws, like to talk. So why not bring back an old fun party favorite – the Telephone Game you can call the Mocking Macaw. Before the party create some fun short sentences and write them done on separate pieces of paper for multiple game play. Then have everyone sit in a circle about arm’s length from each other. Hand your sentence to someone in the circle, they read it and start by whispering the sentence they read to the person to his or her left or right. The person who receives the sentence must then repeat (whisper) the sentence onto the person next to him or her. The last person to receive the sentence must then tell everyone what it is aloud to the entire room. It is very rare that what is said by the last person is what the original sentence is and can be very funny.

Why not play a little Limbo at the party? For Limbo you just need a Broomstick and some Good Music or you can use the Rio Movie Soundtrack (available in March).  To play you have two people hold the stick on each end holding it up about 4 feet from the ground. Line up your party guests and have them each take turns going under the stick bending backward without touching it. After each guest has gone under you keep lowering the stick by 4 inches or so until you have one player left and then they are the Winner !!! Don’t have a Broomstick? Not to worry you can find many Limbo Stick Games

on the market along with the special Limbo Music.

There are lots of Games and Activities you can do with this theme being it is Tropical and revolves around Birds. Any game of Tag would work being that Blu is running from Kidnappers, Decorating a Beach Ball, Building a Bird House, Flying Kites etc…

Another great Party activity that would also double as your Party Favor are these 16″ Stuff a Plush Birds. Perfect for the Rio Party Theme is the Stuff a Plush Toucan which looks just like the character Rafael from the movie. Also available is a Stuff a Plush Parrot and in the movie you will see a lot of Parrots singing and dancing that look just like it.

Each Stuff a Plush Kit comes with everything you need to bring them to life – Stuffing, Rio Birth Certificate, Wishing Star Insert and Directions. All you need is the kids and you are good to go. How fun would these be at the party? There is no doubt the kids will love these guys. You can order one style or mix and match them both. It is the perfect Rio Party Activity and again will double as your Party Favor – Gotta love that !!

For more info or to order you will find these Plush on my main website Here: The Party Animal

When it comes to Cake time I am a Big Fan of Cupcakes so I say forget the Rio Birthday Cake and go for the Rio Cupcakes. Not to worry because I have made it easy for you to create some with these FREE Printable Rio Cupcake Toppers. There are 12 different images and all you have to do is print them out on Heavy Cardstock, Cut and tape a Toothpick or craft stick to the back and stick in your Baked and Frosted Cupcakes. In the photo to the left they are in Cupcakes that have been frosted to look like the beach – So Easy – Dip 1/2 the cupcake into Brown Sugar and the other 1/2 into Blue Sugar. Have fun with it and think Tropical !!

Here are some additional ideas for your Rio Party Favors – remember if you do any of the above crafts they will double as your party favors, but if not I have some other ideas. Check out this Blue Macaw Nylon Kite

, now this is just perfect and Budget Friendly at only $7.99 each. It ties in so well with the Rio Party Theme being it is a Blue Macaw and it Flies !! Isn’t that cool and perfect for the kids to use being this movie comes out in the Spring.

One of my other favorite Party Favors is sending the kids home with books. You can send the kids home with one of the Rio Movie Books on the market. You can also add in a Bookmark, some Homemade Cookies and a Drink. So they can have a good read and a nice snack to enjoy with it.

Something else cool you can stick in with your party favor are some real Blue Macaw Feathers

that can be found on Ebay. May sound creepy to some, but kids would absolutely love one and they can also double as a Bookmark – wouldn’t that be cool? I think so.

One last thing, Rio and the popular Angry Birds Game have joined forces and will have there very own game called Angry Birds Rio. If you want to incorporate Angry Birds into the party then you may want to check out my Angry Birds Balloons.  There you will find my FREE Printable Angry Birds Balloon Templates so you can create your very own Angry Birds to have around the party area. Then you can change up the party theme to a Angry Birds Rio Party !!!

I hope my Ideas were helpful if you are planning a Rio Party and if you have any that you think should be here, let me know and I would be happy to add them on. Have Fun and Party On !!!


20 Responses to “Rio Birthday Party Theme”
  1. Jettabees says:

    Thanks for the inspiration for more designs for party favor treat sacks!

  2. Iva Di Simoni says:

    What the hell? There’s no Maracas in brazil

  3. BUT they have maracas in the movie

  4. Yes, they have maracas in the movie…..

  5. Angelica Chavez says:

    I love your ideas! Im planning my daughters party and I been thinking about using some of the beach or tropical stuff, but I was not very sure about it. After reading your options, I feel safer. Thanks!

  6. Karen says:

    Good stuff, only thing, change the macaw pic…those are Hyacinth macaws and Blue and jewel are Spix Macaws…

  7. sonia says:

    thank you so much for the great ideas !!!!!! my 2 year old makes me watch rio every day

  8. Lexy says:

    There absolutely are maracas in Brazil! I live in Brazil and bought my daughter some that were made by a local man just a few weeks ago! Anyway, thanks for the great ideas. I am going to throw my daughter a “Rio” themed party for her first birthday here in Brazil!

  9. Milu says:

    love your ideas!!! I am throwing a good b-day party for my baby girl, she loves that movie and we are going to have it in the zoo, so your ideas are perfect for what i want to do!!!!THANKS TO TAKE YOUR TIME JUST TO HELP PEOPLE LIKE ME!!!!

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