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Shrek Forever After Party Supplies are Here

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If you are like me then you are also excited for the new Shrek Forever After Movie (The Final Chapter) that comes to theaters May 21st, 2010.  Do you really think it is truly the final Chapter? Oh that will be so sad I really love the movies. So maybe I will have to just watch them over and over to get my fill. Along with the New Shrek Movie will come the kids asking to have a Shrek Party Theme and of course there are party supplies now to match.

These Shrek Forever After Party Supplies have just been released and look adorable featuring your favorite Ogre Shrek and my other personal Favorite Donkey.

If you are having a  Shrek Movie Party then you may also want to check out the Shrek Ticket Style Party Invitations on EBay. You will find a large variety of Shrek Party Invitation Designs to choose from and all of which can be personalized with your party information. You will also find Shrek VIP Pass Invitations

which I like because they become an extra keepsake for the party guests and you can have all the kids wear them to the movie.

There are plenty of fun Shrek Party Supplies available and I do not think you will have a hard time finding what you need. There are many different patterns from all the prior Movies to the current Shrek Forever After. One thing that I think is a must have at any Shrek Party though are the Shrek Forever After Ears for the kids to wear. IF you are taking them to see the movie then make sure they all have them on and what a great photo op that will be.

The other find I have for you is the Shrek Forever After Pinata

. There is no official Shrek Forever After Pinata on the market, buy my friends at the Original World of Pinatas always come through for us when it comes to that and they have one ready to go to match your Shrek Party Supplies. Each Pinata is Handmade and 20″ High x 12″ Wide, it also comes with a Pull String Kit if you choose to use it – I personally prefer the traditional smash it way, but you may not.

So how will it all end? Will Shrek feel like a True Ogre Again – what will happen with Fiona, Donkey and that Fat Puss in Boots. Well That I cannot tell you until I see the movie and one this is for sure – I will !!!  I have a feeling if you are reading this you will too.

Below are some more Shrek Party Supplies for your Party – Have fun and Think Green !!!

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