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Snoopy Birthday Party

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snoopy party

Snoopy Party Supplies just got released and I am very excited. I loved Snoopy when I was a child and I think a lot of kids would love to have a Snoopy Theme Party. He is just one of the cutest dogs out there. So I am going to share with you some fun ideas and items that you can get to make this theme come alive. So here we go.

snoopy party supplies

Celebrate Express carries the Snoopy Birthday Party Supplies which you can purchase in a Deluxe Party Pack which includes 8 invitations, dinner plates, cups, forks, spoons, solid-color, placemats, 16 napkins, tablecover, centerpiece, 18 balloons (3 colors), crepe paper rolls (3 colors), curling ribbon (3 colors) and cake candles. Of course you can also purchase each item seperatly if you just wanted some of the paper goods or needed additional. Look how cute they are with Snoopy and Woodstock and very colorful too.

Snoopy invitationsYou can also find some great Snoopy Invitations

on Ebay that you can personalize with all your own party information and many great designs to choose from. Find some with Snoopy alone or with the whole gang and including another favorite – Charlie Brown. The adorable Snoopy and Gang Invitation you see to the left is available through Ebay Seller: CandyWrappersQD and in addition to the invites they also carry matching Snoopy Candy Bar Wrappers and many other items you can personalize as well.

snoopy balloonYou can also find a nice variety of Mylar Snoopy Balloons

on EBay to chose from.  I usually like to have one balloon at the party that goes with the theme and then fill in with regular colored latex balloons to save money. Don’t forget you can Reuse your Mylar Balloons – They do not need to be used just once.

Now for some fun game ideas for your party. Being Snoopy is a dog you can play off some fun Dog Theme Games as well as bring in some based around him alone. Here is one based on Snoopy that I would do:

snoopy poster

You can purchase this great Snoopy Poster where Woodstock is sitting on his belly as he lays in his favorite place on top of his red dog house. Then I would trace Woodstock on paper to make a template for cutting out more on yellow paper. Once you have done that it is easy to add in the lines to create Woodstock and do this so each guest can have one. They you will play Pin Woodstock on Snoopy and see who can get Woodstock on his belly the closest. When the party is over your child can keep the poster to hang in their room. It will be fun for the kids – inexpensive and the game serves a double purpose – Game and Gift all in one. I love that!!

Another couple favorite Dog Theme games I like are: Drink like dogs – put water in bowls (may be messy – have a good spot) and measure maybe 1 cup or so of water in everyone’s bowl – hands behind back – who can drink it the fastest – winning prize (A Towel) and Dog Sniffin’ – Some dogs are known for their noses. Blindfold the kids all at the same time and see who can tell the smell. Pick some smelly fun items – like spices, apples, onions, garlic, chocolate and so on.

snoopy pinataNow you cannot forget a Snoopy Pinata

which is available from World of Pinatas and it matches the party supplies perfectly. There pinatas are all handmade and they have a few design choices to choose from. In addition to the pinata they also offer Personalized Snoopy Posters, Personalized Take Out Favor Boxes, Personalized Snoopy Cupcake Picks and more.  Fill your pinata with Dog Bone Shaped Candies, Snoopy Stickers and Fun toys and bouncy balls.

snoopy birthday cakeFor your Snoopy Birthday Cake you can still find some of the Wilton Snoopy Cake Pans

available on EBay or you can purchase one of the many designs available in a Personalized Edible Snoopy Cake Image. You can also get creative on your own and just add some cute Snoopy Figures to the top of your cake – it all depends on your time and how involved you want to get, but you have options.

If you are like me and like cupcakes at your party you can use these Snoopy Cupcake Rings

to the top of them and the kids get an extra treat they can take home. You can also just add some fun Dog Bone Candies on the tops or even small Snoopy Cookies placed on them.

snoopy party favor

Celebrate Express carries an all inclusive Snoopy Party Favor Box which I think is adorable and a perfect ending to the party. Each one includes a Snoopy mask, a Snoopy yo-yo, a Snoopy sticker sheet, a Snoopy blowout, rainbow swirl lollipop and an assorted-color whistle. I really love the mask – that is my favorite part. Again all the items can be purchased separately if you want to create your own favors.

I also really love the Dog Bone Take Home Cups and you can add some of the fun Snoopy related items to the inside of the cups or give them with some fun Dog Bone Shaped Cookies – mmmm. You can also read my post on Unique Dog Theme Party Favors for more ideas.

Also stop by my post on Snoopy and the Peanut Gang Cardboard Stanups.

Now I think this party sounds Dog Gone Good – what do you think?

I feel the same way!!!

I feel the same way!!!




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