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Snoopy Cardboard Stand Ups

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snoopy cardboard stand up

I just did a post on a Snoopy Birthday Party and whether you are having a party or just love Snoopy and the Peanuts Gang these Stand Ups are perfect. I love the Cardboard Stand Ups at a party – it adds to the decor and also wows your guests as they enter the party area. I also love the photo opportunities you have where you can take either a group shot with your Stand Up of all the guests and also take one individually and send as your Thank You. I am also a fan of Double Purpose Party Supplies – meaning once the party is over your child has a great room decoration they get to keep displayed in their rooms. Now that is a BONUS.

The Stands up are usually Life Size and vary in Height and Width depending on the character you choose.  The Snoopy Series I found available through All Posters


Here is what is available:

  • Snoopy Sleeping with Woodstock on his Red Dog House
  • Snoopy WW1 Ace on top of his Dog House
  • Charlie Brown
  • Schroeder Playing his Pian
  • Linus with his Blankie
  • Peppermint Patty
  • Sally
  • Lucy at her Psychiatric Stand and the Doctor is In

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