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How to Make a Snowman Bread Veggie Tray

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Snowman Bread Veggie TrayHere is a fun way to spruce up your veggie tray in the winter – just add a Bread shaped Snowman like I did. I made this cutie for my family Christmas this year, I always like to have some healthy choice out on the table to snack on.

Making this Snowman Bread could not be any easier, trust me. I saw this idea back in April when I made one just like it for our family Easter, but instead of a Snowman I made a Bunny Bread.

I love the fact that the bread becomes your dip holder and you can just dip your veggies right in the belly – how cool is that?

Here is what I used to make my Snowman Bread Veggie Tray:

  • Rhodes Frozen Bread Dough – I used i loaf – you can do 2, but 1 was plenty for this.
  • 1 Egg & Milk for Egg Wash
  • Olives sliced for eyes and mouth
  • Carrot for nose
  • Fruit Roll Up Candy for Scarf
  • Lots of Veggies for eating
  • Dip for Belly – I used this delicious Asiago Cheese and Garlic Dip it was delish!!

You can follow my Step by Step directions on my previous post here: How to Make a Bunny Bread Veggie Tray for the basics. To make the shape of my Snowman I just made 3 different size balls and placed them together before rising – easy peasy. After he was baked I just cut out his lower belly to make my dip bowl. I placed him in a pan and surrounded him with veggies, gave him his face and he was good to go.

Snowman Bread Veggie Tray 2

Come on how adorable is that? Great for any winter party and yummy to eat.

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