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Sweet as Can Bee Birthday Party Theme

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I just love these new Sweet as Can Bee Birthday Party Suppliesthey really are SWEET. All done up in pink with Bumblebees – it just cannot get any cuter than that. It is funny how most kids, including my own can be terrified when a Bee flies by but add a smile and they become the cutest things.  And maybe by educating the kids while at the party about Bumblebees they can some insider facts that if you do not bother them that they will most likely not bother you.

The great thing about these Sweet as Can Bee Party Supplies is that there is a HUGE amount of coordinating pieces from your Bee Invitations to the Bumbleebee Pinata – so it makes creating this theme so easy to bring to life.

A Perfect Party Activity which can also double as your party favor is my Stuff a Plush Bumblebee which I think is a great match to this party theme. These Stuffable Bumblebees are 16″ in size and are also as Cute as Can Bee with that great big smile. The kids at the party will be Buzzing when they see this.

Each 16″ Stuff a Plush Bumblebee comes with everything you need to bring them to life:

  • Stuffing
  • Wishing Star Insert
  • Custom Bumblebee Birth Certificate
  • Directions

The kids get to Stuff these Plush Bees by hand to bring home and love forever. It is so EASY to do and the kids love to do it.

To Order you can visit my Website Here: The Party Animal.

I recently created some Bumbleebee Cupcakes that would also be a perfect compliment to this Sweet as Can Bee Party Theme and anyone can make them.

I  have documented how it is done Step By Step with photos and when I say they were Easy to make I mean it. These Bumblebee Cupcakes would take the place of your Birthday Cake and not only look great, it will save you all the cake cutting and the kids love them.

Trust Me – These Cupcakes will be all the BUZZ.

To See the Post Visit: How to Make Bumblebee Cupcakes

Here are some Fun Bumblebee Party Game Ideas for the Party:

Get that Stinger – Turn your party guests into Bees (Optional Bee Wings). Then take a piece of black material and tape it onto their backsides to represent Stingers.  Then the kids must all run around and try to grab each others stingers – the child who is left with their stinger intact wins the game!!!

Pin the Bee on the Bee Hive – To play this take some poster board and create a Large Bee Hive. Then either draw and cut out some Bumblebees or you can always find Bumblebee stickers. Play like you would Pin the Tail on the Donkey, but in this case the kids need to get the Bumblebee on the Bee Hive.

Bee Toss – For this take a Thick Piece of Cardboard and Cut out a Large Flower Shape and cut out the center – color it in. Then attach this to a Stem – like a Broom Stick.  Then take some ping pong balls and add some stripes and a fun face to be you bees. Then the kids have to try and toss those Bees into the center of the Flower. Simple and Easy.

Musical Bees – This will played similar to Musical Chairs with a Bee Twist. Before the party Cut out Flower Shapes from Poster Board or Large Paper. Make sure to have enough for all the guests less one at the party. Set them on the ground scattered. Turn on the music and the kids have to run around Buzzing and flying until the Music stops. Once it does each child must stand next to a flower. The one who has no flower is out. Continue removing a flower and until you have one winner who will Buzz over the last Flower available.

Don’t Wake the Bumblebee – For the first round you be the bumblebee to demonstrate to the children on the rules. Start by crouching down and hiding your face, pretending to sleep. The children will tiptoe around you asking, “Bumblebee, are you sleeping?” Answer “yes” several times, then catch them off guard and say, “no.” After you say, “no” you jump up and chase the children until you catch one who will be the next bumblebee.

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