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Toy Story 3 Party Games

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You cannot have a Toy Story 3 Party without some Fun Games or you will have failed your Mission. So I am going to share with you some fun Toy Story Party Games here that will be perfect for the Party.  There are plenty of  Toy Story Games that can be purchased and will work great at a party. You can play them in teams, take turns or even set up multiple game tables.  I will even share with you some games you can create using things you may already have in your home.

So come on lets play……………..

Lets start off with the Toy Story 3 Party Game where the kids can play Pin the Badge on Woody.  Each game includes one Toy Story game poster and 12 re-positionable stickers shaped like Woody’s cowboy badge. This Toy Story Party Game features a unique design that can be viewed in 3-D with 3-D glasses (which are sold separately) or in 2-D without glasses. Or you can use a Bandana to cover the kids eyes and say Woody lended it just for this game.

Click Here to Order:  Toy Story 3 Party Game – Pin the Badge on Woody

How about letting the kids take turns with the Toy Story 3 Operation Buzz Lightyear Game. They have to be careful not to set off Buzz’s Buzzer while they try and fix him.  Buzz Lightyear needs some serious repair work.  He’s got a battered blaster, toasted turbo boosters, galactic acid, crystallic confusion and a host of other ailments.  Which Party Guest will  have the skill to fix Woody’s friend and send off to infinity and beyond? This would be so funny to watch and it is not as easy at it looks.

Make and Takes shares a clever way to re-create The Claw Game at home with things you may already have. All you do is take a Laundry Basket or even a Box and fill it up with some Stuffed Plush from your Child’s Room – You can even add in some other Toys. The take a large pair of Salad Tongs and have the party guests take turns trying to pull one of the Toys out carefully without dropping it. You may want to set a timer for this or just give them one try – so if it falls off the next one in line goes. They can keep playing this as long as they like. To make it more difficult only let them use one hand or Blindfold them.

Here is another fun Game Idea also from Makes and Takes called the Potato Head Switch. All you need is two Mr. Potato Heads or Mrs. – take all the parts off of them and place into a pile. Have the kids take turns to see who can re-assemble the Potato Heads back together correctly the fastest. So you will also need a stop watch.

TIP: Make sure you show the kids how they are suppose to look when assembled correctly – There are so many different Potato Heads out there and some have different parts.

Another thing you can do similar to the Claw is create an Alien Fishing Game. For this you will need to Print and Cut out photos of the Toy Story Aliens which can be easily found by doing a Google Search. Print them out on Card Stock. Then place a Metal Paper Clip to each of them. Make your Fishing Pole out of a Wood Dowel and attach a long string or yarn to it. At the end of the String tie on a strong Magnet that will be able to pick up the Aliens with the Paper Clips.

Then place the Aliens on the Floor and let each Party Guest see how many they can fish up within an allotted time – lets say 1 minute etc…

How about playing a game of  Toy Story 3 Bingo? Everyone loves to play Bingo and you have a couple of options here. You can either purchase the Official Toy Story 3 Bingo Game that comes with 4 Game Cards, Spinners and Markers.

Or you can buy the Un-Official Toy Story 3 Bingo Game

which can be personalized with your Child’s Name. With these you can also request as many cards as you need for your party. You will need to provide your own markers, but you can use Candy, Noodles, Pennies etc..  It does come with the calling card and they are printed on Card Stock.

The Toy Story 3 Hunt and Seek Board Game

can be a fun game at the party. It is played similar to Eye Spy where the object of the game is to locate illustrations of Toy Story 3’s world on the game boards and collect as many cards as possible. Each Game comes with Game rules – 50 game cards – 8 game board (4 boards printed on both sides) and reading not required to play game.

You can play in teams, Take Turns or break into groups to play using the multiple cards.

Let the kids Bowl Toy Story Style !! You can  purchase the Toy Story Bowling Set

which includes 6 Pins Featuring all the Favorite Toy Story Characters and a Bowling Ball. You can use it either indoors or Out and it can be played over and over again.

Or you can make your own using pictures of the Toy Story Characters printed from online and taped or glued onto Empty Soda Bottles. Find a Ball and you have yourself a Homemade Toy Story Bowling Party Game – Perfect and Easy.

There is a lot of  Toy Story Music

available which you can use to play a Toy Story Dance Off, Toy Story Freeze Dance, Musical Chairs which you can even turn into Musical Toys using Printed photos from the Toy Story Movies and placed on the ground or use Toy Story Toys you have in the home and when the music stops the child must pick up one of the toys to be safe. Play Hot Mr.  or Mrs. Potato Head using the music.

There is so much you can do just playing the Toy Story Music – so it is a good buy. The party guests will even just love to sing all the songs they know from all the soundtracks – so let them go crazy and maybe have a microphone and let them show off their knowledge of all the lyrics.

The Toy Story Kerplunk Game

would also make a great Party Game. This game is a classic and lots of fun, but the Toy Story version has little Aliens instead of Marbles like we all know. It is suppose to resemble the Pizza Planet Rocket Ship.

Here is how the Game Works:

An Alien rocket ship has landed! It’s your job to see that none of the Aliens inside fall out of the ship and and go Ker Plunk! Roll the die and see what color appears. Next, carefully pull out a stick that matches the color on the die. If any Aliens drop, you must keep them. When all of the Aliens have dropped from the rocket, the player with the least amount of Aliens wins!

The Party Guests can play in teams or individually depending on how many are at the party.

Help Woody find his Friends Game – For this you can take a bunch of Toy Story Figures

and Toys and Hide them almost like an Egg Hunt around the house or the yard and see who will be able to find the most. You can even do this using Printed Pictures of the Characters as well and hide them around or even put them inside plastic eggs you have left from Easter. If you use eggs make sure some of them are duds just to add to the fun of it or add in some toys that are not from Toy Story to throw the kids off.

Balloon Time offers some creative Toy Story Party Games as well like:

Meteor Bast – which is really just a fancy name for a good game of Kick Ball. Check out some of the Toy Story Balls you can use or you can use any that you may have on hand.

Flying Saucers – Yes you guessed it – Have some fun with Frisbees. Ebay has a lot of Toy Story Frisbees to choose from or again any Frisbee will work.

My favorite is Cosmic Showers – Let the kids toss some Water Balloons – kids love that and if it is a hot day I think they would not mind some Cosmic Showers to fall. Make sure when you buy your Water Balloons you either fill them prior to the party if possible and have a Water Balloon Nozzle to help make that easier. You can find then here: Water Balloons


Here is another game that would be great at the Party – It is a Toy Story Target Game similar to Darts, but much more safe of course. The Board features Woody and Buzz and points like a Bullseye and is a soft material. The Balls have the other Velcro stuff on it so when thrown at the board it will stick on. The kids can take turns tossing the ball,  Give them each 3 turns and see who can get the highest score. The other part about this game is that is is very Budget Friendly and your child gets to keep it to play over and over.

To Order Visit Here: Toy Story Dart Board Target Game

Set up some Bullseye Horse Racing by creating some easy Bullseye Horses from Wrapping Paper Rolls and Cardboard.  You can make a Bullseye Horse for each team and let them have races while riding their horse. Take some Heavy Cardboard and cut out a Horse Head shape similar to Bullseye and Draw on his Face – if you are feeling very creative add some Brown Yarn for his Mane. Then just attach his Head to a Cardboard Wrapping Paper Roll and you have a make shift horse.

With the Horse Games in mind you may also like a page I did on Horseshoe Party Games which is also a great party game for everyone.

Of course no party would be complete without a Pinata and there are lots of Toy Story Pinatas to choose from. Have some fun with your Pinata Fillers – Stick in some Toy Story Gummy Snacks you can find at the local grocery store and I would check out Ebay to see all the great deals on Toy Story Pinata Fillers

such a Toy Story Stickers, Tattoos, Small Toys etc… You will find your best deals and they have a Huge Selection of items for the money. Have fun with it and sometimes it is good to think outside the box with your fillers – it makes it more fun.

Reader Game Suggestion: The Game is Called “Andy’s Coming!”.  Kind of a Toy Story version of Red light/Green light. Choose someone to be Andy. Andy has to stand at one end of the room or yard with his back to the other players. Everyone else has to choose a toy character to imitate, and stand in a line (side by side) at the opposite end of the space. As long as Andy’s back is turned they may move forward (in character). When Andy turns around to face them & says “I’m coming!” they have to freeze. If anyone moves they are out, or just play until they all reach Andy (first one to get there gets to be Andy next time).

Thanks Lori for the great Game Addition!!

I will continue to add to this Toy Story Party Game List as I come up with some and if you have any Toy Story Party Games you have played at your Party we would love to here about them so we can add them on for other parents. Just drop me an email at: thepartyanimal (AT) comcast.net.

Below are some additional Toy Story Games and Party Supplies that may also come in Handy


6 Responses to “Toy Story 3 Party Games”
  1. Lori says:

    Great ideas! We are going to play a game I’m calling “Andy’s Coming!” at our Toy Story movie day with the church kids. Kind of a Toy Story version of Red light/Green light. Choose someone to be Andy. Andy has to stand at one end of the room or yard with his back to the other players. Everyone else has to choose a toy character to imitate, and stand in a line (side by side) at the opposite end of the space. As long as Andy’s back is turned they may move forward (in character). When Andy turns around to face them & says “I’m coming!” they have to freeze. If anyone moves they are out, or just play until they all reach Andy (first one to get there gets to be Andy next time). Thanks for the inspiration!

  2. Marin says:

    Some of the games we’re planning for my sons’ birthday party include an “Army Man” basic training obstacle course and The Prospector’s Gold Mine (panning for gold in the sandbox). We’re also going to have “Woody’s Roundup” where the kids try to lasso a hobby horse. I’m having tons of fun with this theme. Can’t wait for the party!

  3. Love it – so creative – thanks for sharing

  4. Kim says:

    Thanks, I’ve been looking for some good Toy Story games I can make for my sons 5th birthday. They love the homemade birthday parties and I’ve been looking all over the web for ideas. Thanks for sharing and the pictures you post are very helpful. The best part is, the kids love this stuff. As long as mom and dad are playing with the kids at the party, all the kids will have fun!

  5. I am glad u found me – do share if you have any games not listed here – Have Fun with the party

  6. ToyStoryCostumeStore says:

    These are some great games. Thanks for sharing it with us.

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