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How to Train your Dragon Costumes

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With the recent success of the How to Train your Dragon Movie I know the boys are going to be so excited to see that there is a line of How to Train your Dragon Costumes out on the market. Currently there are 4 How to Train your Dragon Costumes to choose from: Hiccup, Night Fury, Monstrous Nightmare and Gronckle.

I think they are all very cool and the hardest part is going to be choosing which one to dress up as for Halloween.

So let me break each of the Costumes down for you – maybe this will help.

You have Hiccup who is the main character of the movie and the kids Favorite viking from the Hairy Hooligan Tribe. Hiccup is usually seen in brown pants, a green tunic that reaches to his mid-thigh, a brown belt where he also keeps a small knife, a vest-like fur coat, and typical viking-style boots. I think the Hiccup Costume does a pretty good job resembling all of that don’t you?

How To Train Your Dragon Hiccup Halloween Costume includes shirt with attached vest, pants with attached boot tops and hat.

The Night Fury is a species of dragon that appears in the movie. Hiccups Dragon Toothless is a Night Fury. The Night Fury is the rarest and most intelligent species of dragon. I think this Night Fury Costume does a great job with its resemblance to the Night Fury Dragon – I just love the face on this one.

How To Train Your Dragon Night Fury Halloween Costume includes jumpsuit, mask and wings.

The Monstrous Nightmare is one of the most aggressive, powerful, and stubborn dragons and is always the first to arrive to a fight and the last to leave. He is said to be the most Dragony of the Dragons and the most Showy with those amazing wings he has. Do you have a child like that? lol.

The How to Train Your Dragon Monstrous Nightmare Halloween Costume includes jumpsuit, mask and wings.

The Gronckle is one of the toughest dragons and lives up to its looks on the battlefield.  Because of the Gronckles  tremendous weight and small wings, it is almost impossible for them sustain flight, but they have some pretty powerful wings. The Gronckle is also known to be slow, lazy, and cranky (sounds like my own kids) and tends to fall asleep mid-flight, waking only when it plunges into something.

The How to Train Your Dragon Gronckle Halloween Costume includes jumpsuit, mask and wings.

I love these Costumes and there is no doubt in my mind they will be very popular this Halloween and I bet I am going to see a lot of Dragons walking around this year.

UPDATEThis year (2011) these costumes have become very hard to find. Your best bet is to look on Ebay here: How to Train your Dragon Costumes. I have found that all of them can be found there and the prices are not over inflated as I have seen on some other sites.  You can also look on Amazon HERE – I have found some fun options there as well.Good Luck !!

These How to Train your Dragon Costumes are also great if you are planning a How to Train your Dragon Birthday Party. Maybe your son wants to dress up as their favorite character and greet the guests at the party.Now how cool would that be? and you get more bang for your buck – gotta love that.

Stop by my post for all the details on putting together this party theme here:

How to Train your Dragon Birthday Party.


12 Responses to “How to Train your Dragon Costumes”
  1. Night Fury Mom says:

    The Wal-Mart Night fury costume is HORRID. It’s awful, and bears almost NO resemblence to Night Fury…
    My daughter wanted this costume, but once I saw it, I refused to pay for that piece of junk.

  2. I have not seen them in person, but sometimes costumes can be made very cheaply. Thanks for sharing your thoughts as it may help other parents decide. Hope you find a costume u like.

  3. Motherofvikings says:

    I agree, they were awful and I only saw one dragon out there…I didn’t even realize he was a night fury until husband pointed it out. I was disappointed in the lack of costumes for HTTYD…so I made costumes for my kids. And for the cost of what the walmart costumes were I made 2 awesome costumes with much more detail (hiccup and astrid).

  4. Yeah that is sad that they were not that nice and I am glad you made your own costumes – I would love to see them if you want to share.

  5. wallpapers says:

    hopefully the magic of the first one will not die in the sequel.

  6. radu says:

    great article!

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