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Turkey Hands Craft Activity

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Turkey Hand Activity 1

A fun activity you can do with the kids at Thanksgiving is making Turkey Hands. Now there are many ways you can find how this is done, but I am going to share with you how I did it last year at Thanksgiving.  I always like to have an activity on the holidays for the kids because it not only creates memories, but they also make great keepsakes year after year. In 2008 our Thanksgiving was small due to my in laws spending the holiday with their other side of the family. So I decided to do these Easy Turkey Hands and I made everyone make them – the kids and the adults. I say you are never too old to participate and again it creates great memories.

So what I did was simple – I had plain white copy paper – of course you can use any color paper or construction paper. I figured I had it on hand so I grabbed some of that. Then I had a bunch of crayons and markers everyone could use. Of course you can have some glue and things you can add to your pictures, but I wanted to keep things simple.

Then all we did is start by tracing one of our hands and then go to town coloring them in to create our Turkeys. The best part as you will see from our photos below is how different each one is from each other. It was a lot of fun – we laughed and we ended up with some great artwork. Then what I do is scan them on my scanner providing you did not glue on any extras and add them to my Thanksgiving Day picture folder to have forever.  I also keep the real ones, but some people find that to be too much clutter. Another great thing is that if you do these year after year you can watch as the kids hands grow and how their artwork style changes. I am going to do these again this year and I will be sure to update my photos of them right here. I cannot wait to see what they will do and look like. So give it a try this year and add some fun to your Holiday for everyone!!! Also check out my Turkey Cupcakes I make with the kids too.

Here is everybody hard at work:

and here are our finished Turkey Hands:

Everyone was so creative !!!

We did the same thing for Thanksgiving 2009, but I had the girls make their Turkeys with Two Hands:

Now what to do for Thanksgiving 2010? Hmmm Stay Tuned…..


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  1. AM says:

    WOW ……those really were cool!! What will we do this year??? Hummmmm???

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