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Turkey Push Up Pop Sleeves with FREE Printable Template

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Have some fun with dressing up your Push Up Pop Container to look like this adorable Turkey with a Push Up Pop Sleeve you create !!  So Easy to do and your party guests will love them.

If you follow me you know how much I love my Push Up Pop Containers – I am always coming up with new and fun ways to use and fill them.  So when it came to creating something for Fall/Thanksgiving I came up with the idea to create a Push Up Pop Sleeve.  For Halloween I created these Jack-O-Lantern Push Ups by decorating the container, but I wanted to take this a bit further.

Being the Push Up Pop Containers are the same shape as a Toilet Paper Tube I browsed some of the creative ways people have turned them into Fall Decor. That is what inspired me to come up with the idea for a Push Up Pop Sleeve.

I took those ideas and created my Turkey – what is so cool about this is that they slide right off and your Push Up Pop Container is ready to use for your next party. Do you love that or what? and you can fill your Push Up Pop Container with any fun treat you want.

Anyone can create these and they would even make a fun activity for the kids to do as well. Now let me show you how to make them are you ready?

Here is what you will need to create these Turkey Push Up Pops:

Now watch how EASY these are to put together…… I love EASY !!!

First gather all your Supplies. I started with doing all my cutting – I was making a total of 6 for the kids to have on Thanksgiving – I had already made one and that is why you will see 5 parts for each in my photos.

Each Turkey Push Up Pop Sleeve will require the following:

1 Tan Head

1 Orange Beak

1 Red Waddle

2 Google Eyes

1 Red Feather, 2 Orange Feathers, 2 Yellow Feathers

1 Brown Body

2 Yellow Feet

Next use the cut outs from the FREE Printable Turkey Push Up Pop Sleeve Template to trace your shapes onto the construction paper. To make things easier when cutting multiples just fold your construction paper like you would if you were making a fan. This way you save yourself time with cutting out so many.

So far so EASY right? Once you have done that it is time to build the Turkeys…

Start off with your Push Up Pop Containers disassembled.

Next create the Turkeys Face – Glue on the Beak, add Eyes and then the Waddle.

Next get the Brown Body and wrap it around your Push Up Pop Container and glue it together being sure to just put the glue on the construction paper and not the container. Make sure it is snug.

Then take your Turkey Face and glue it onto the Orange Wings in the middle. Now add some glue to the back of that (face area) and stick that onto the front of the Brown Body on the container towards the top.

Then add some glue to your Yellow Feet and stick them on – let them hang over the bottom of the body – looks cool !!

Now add your Push Up Pop Plunger back in and fill up with whatever goodies you want to add. Like I said I used the Fall Colored M&M Candies in mine, but of course you can do Cake, Cupcakes, Brownies etc…  Then just stick on the top.

Next lay out your Turkey Feathers like shown in my photo and then carefully glue them all together.

Now take your glue stick and run it all across the bottom of the feathers and stick them onto the back of the container. You will have to hold it down for a few seconds to make sure they are secure since you are wrapping them a bit.

That is it !!! I told you it was EASY.

Now you can see in the next 2 photos how the Push Up Pop Containers can just slide right out – is that cool or what? I think so !!!

I know the kids will Gobble these up on Thanksgiving and they will look super cute on the table.

I love my new idea of Push Up Pop Sleeves and I have a million ideas of things to make – so Stay Tuned for more ideas and FREE Printable Templates coming your way.

And if you so not have any of these containers in your home yet – you better get some they are so much fun !!

If you create some of these make sure to send me your pictures – I would love to see and share them.

Enjoy !!!

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