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Victorious Party Supplies

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If your child is a fan of Nickelodeon’s hit TV Show Victorious they will be happy to know there are now Victorious Party Supplies on the market.

My own daughter loves to watch this show and is a big fan. The show follows Victoria Justice who plays Tori Vega as she goes to school at Hollywood Arts and pursues her love of Singing, Dancing and Acting. It is a fun show to watch and a great theme for a party where you can incorporate lots of Music and Dance !!

These new Victorious Party Supplies feature Tori Vega the star of the show along with some of the other main characters.  Mix in some solid colors such as Blue & Purple along with Music Note Party Supplies and you will be good to go.

One thing you must have at for your Victorious Party is the new Victorious Soundtrack that features all the music from the TV Show.

The CD includes the hits “Freak The Freak Out,” “Beggin’ On Your Knees” and “Best Friend’s Brother.” It also includes a remake of the Jackson Five classic “I Want You Back” as well as the smash mashup “Leave It All To Shine” which was featured in the iCarly/Victorious crossover episode.

Give the guests some Inflatable Instruments and Inflatable Microphones and let them Sing and Dance to their favorite songs !!

A perfect treat to serve up at the party would be these Microphone Cupcakes that are SUPER Easy to make – How do I know? because I made those and I have a step by step tutorial showing you how.

That is all I have for now, but when more items become available for a Victorious Birthday Party, I will be sure to add them on right here. So Stay Tuned….

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