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Zhu Zhu Pets Bedding Set for the Kids Rooms

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The kids are going to be so excited that there is  Zhu Zhu Pet Bedding now available so they can re-do their bedroom in Zhu Zhu Style. This Zhu Zhu Pet Bedding Set is so whimsical and colorful featuring some of the kids favorite Zhu Zhu Pets like Jilly, Nugget, Num Nums, Mr. Squiggles and others.

The Zhu Zhu Pet Bedding is available in both Twin and Full Size and you can purchase the Zhu Zhu Pet Comforter and match it with some Solid Colored Sheets or pair it up with the Zhu Zhu Pets Sheets and matching Pillowcases for the complete look.

What a Fun Gift to give to your child who loves everything Zhu Zhu Pets – A Zhu Zhu Pet Room Makeover.

To add to your room makeover you can take the Zhu Zhu Pet Wall Decals and stick them onto the wall to tie in the whole Zhu Zhu Pet Room Theme. These decals are about 5″ x 7″ in size and come in a variety of  Zhu Zhu Pet designs. They just stick right onto the wall and are easily removable with no damage. My daughter has them and they are all over her walls at this very moment.

To learn more about these you can visit my post where I wrote all about them Here:  Topps Zhu Zhu Pets Stick On Wall Decals

I am sure this is not the only Zhu Zhu Pet Bedding design we will see and as they add more designs I will feature them right here. Currently This Zhu Zhu Pet Bedding Set is being sold at Walmart, but not in stores at the moment it says.

Click on the Photo below and you will be taken directly to Walmart where you can order your Zhu Zhu Pet Comforter and Sheet Set:


4 Responses to “Zhu Zhu Pets Bedding Set for the Kids Rooms”
  1. Oh my goodness if my daughter saw this she would go nuts. She is a zhu zhu pet nut and now we have the furry frenzies too. they are like the zhu zhu pets. They are really cute.

  2. MY daughter loves Zhu Zhu too and I have written about the Furry Frenzies as well – they make nice friends for the Zhu Zhu’s and are super cute too !!!

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