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Zhu Zhu Pets Birthday Party

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zhu zhu pet birthday party

Of course the kids will be asking for a Zhu Zhu Pets Birthday Party Theme being these toy hamsters are one of the hottest toys going right now. So you think to yourself – How an I pull this off?  Well you came to the right place and I am going to show you how you can. Now there are no official Zhu Zhu Pets Party Supplies on the market at this time, but that is ok – I will share with your some ideas to get around that.

First lets start off with some Zhu Zhu Pets Party Invitations

. I always find EBay sellers are on top of  this and they are. I was able to find a few that are available. The one you see pictured is one of them from Ebay Seller: blueorquidsexpress and is absolutely adorable and can be completely personalized with all your party information. I will keep updating as I find more coming available.

In a case where there are no official party supplies available you will have to get a bit creative. You can also create your own invitations simply by using Word, Publisher, Photo Shop etc.. right from your own computer. Just locate some pictures of your favorite Zhu Zhu Pet doing a Google search under images or use a photo of your child with their Zhu Zhu’s and have it printed up and add your party info to the back. Official Zhu Zhu Pets Party Supplies are now available – see update at the end of this post.

zhu zhu pet party supplies

Now when it comes to your paper goods – Zhu Zhu Pets use a lot of fun bright colors in their marketing so I would work with that. Just as I have created my blog post photo using the fun colored Polka Dots – I think that is a great direction to go.  It also works for both Boys and Girls and is very festive. You can find these Party Supplies by visiting here: Bright Dots Deluxe Birthday Box .  This pattern can be purchased in a package or you can choose to buy them separately. Also available to match this pattern are Invitations you can personalize, Party Banner, Party Favor Box, Polka Dot Balloons and so much more.  Polka Dots are fun!!!

When it comes to the decorations you can use whatever Zhu Zhu Pet items you have in the home and place them around the room. If your child has any other plush hamsters or anything hamster related then bring it out. Don’t forget to put your printer to work – find pictures of Zhu Zhu Pets and print them out and hang them up. Add Hamster Stickers

to your solid balloons. Use your Imagination and my Tips here and you will be all set.

Another great find are these Zhu Zhu Pets Party Balloons that feature  a printed photo of the Zhu Zhu Pets on colored latex Balloons. These are sold in a variety of Colors and the best part is that the Zhu Zhu Pet Design is printed on both sides of the Balloon.

zhu zhu pet party games

So lets talk about some game ideas for your Zhu Zhu Pet Party.  I am going to give you some ideas here – some which I have seen and some which I am going to think of as I write this. So here we go – thinking like a Hamster….

polka dot

Zhu Zhu Pet Race: I have seen this done at parties before and it is where the kids can race their Zhu Zhu Pets. Now keep in mind not all the guests will own a Zhu Zhu Pet of their own, but I am sure if your child is having this party theme they have a bunch and may be able to share for this party game. So first what I would do is make sure on your party invitation you add: Please bring your Zhu Zhu Pet to the party if have one. Otherwise just use ones you have on hand for this.  You can do this many ways – You can race two at a time just on a straight course with a start and finish line and see who gets their first. Or you can use your Zhu Zhu Pet pieces from the toys sets and create a timed obstacle course.  Have each guest go one at a time and see whose hamster ends up with the best time.

polka dot

Find the Hamster’s Food: Hamsters love to bury themselves in their bedding and sometimes their food as well. A Fun way to play off of that is by taking a shallow box and filling it with shredded newspaper. The more paper you can add the better (So dig into your recycle pile). Then take a bunch of mini carrots and hide them at the bottom.  One at a time have your guests see who can find the most carrots within a set time limit.  Make it even harder by telling them they can only pull out one at a time.

polka dot

Find your way through the Maze: Hamsters love mazes so of course you will want your guests to see if they are up for the challenge. Obviously you cannot create a huge maze for them to run through, but hey if you can  – move power to ya. So an easy way to do this is by printing out one of the many FREE Printable Mazes available in all levels from Easy – Difficult. I would print out the same one and have enough for each guest and also a sample to be done ahead of time. Hand them out and on go see which guest can get to the other end the quickest. You can do this multiple times using different mazes – my favorite part – they are FREE.  BUT before the party be sure to take one of each and find the route yourself and then trace over it in a marker – that way you can quickly see if the path matches yours to know if you have a winner.

polka dot

The Hamster Ball: We all know one toy a Hamster loves to play with is their Hamster Ball. You put them inside and the run all over the place feeling as though they are somewhat free. Again – unless you have the means to get a Giant Life Size Hamster Ball we will have to play off of that. One idea can be a race using a play ball.  Line the guests up in two lines and have 2 play balls to give each guest first in line.  On go the guests must race to the finish line pushing their ball while on their hands and knees. Sounds easier that it is. No hands being used makes it a bit tricky. It is not easy for Hamsters to manipulate their Hamster Balls in the direction they want it to go either.

polka dot

Do the Hamster Dance: First you will need some Hamster Dance Music and yes it does exist – you can download or buy the Hampsterdance Hits Album by Hampton the Hamster – which includes the famous Hamster Dance Song. Then use this music for a Dance Off or Freeze Dance Game – see what kind of Hamster Moves your guests have within them. You may want to break out the video camera at this time – lol.

polka dot

Pass the Zhu Zhu Pet: Just like Hot Potato, but instead use a Zhu Zhu Pet and think of the fun and giggles the kids will have as it squeaks and makes those fun hamster noises as it is being passed around.

polka dot

Pin the Party Hat on the Zhu Zhu Pet: So how do you do that? Well you will need a little creativity for this one.  Purchase a Poster Board and draw or print out a picture of a Zhu Zhu Pet or a Basic Hamster. Have your child color it in. Then make some Party Hats that would fit on his head and cut them out. Then play the game as you normally would Pin the tail on the Donkey. If you would like a custom party poster done – just Contact Me – I make them all the time and can show you samples of my work.

polka dot

Hamster Naming: But they are not naming a Hamster – they are naming themselves as if they were a Hamster. All you need are some plain labels and a marker. Then the kids must come up with what their name would be if they were a Hamster – BUT they must start their name with the first letter of their real name.  Then write their chosen name on the tag – stick it on them and this is what they are called the rest of the time at the party. I have done this before and the kids think this is so funny. So my name is Nicole – I would chose Nibbles – awww that is cute!!!

polka dot

Which Zhu Zhu Pet is Missing?: For this game find a photo of each of the Zhu Zhu Pets that are currently on the market and print them out. As of this post we have Mr. Squiggles, Num Nums, Pipsqueak, Chunk, Patches, Jilly, Winkie, Scoodles and Nugget.  For those guests who may not be familiar with their names – introduce them. Then line up the photos where the kids can see them – yup a Zhu Zhu line up. Then have the kids turn around and take one of the photos away and mix them up a bit and line them up again. See who can spot which one is missing.

zhu zhu pets party activity

Another great item that Cepia just released is the Zhu Zhu Pets Activity Set which is perfect for the party to keep the kids busy. It contains 5 Markers, 4 Door Hangers, 2 Tattoo Sheets, 2 Sticker Sheets, 8 Paper Room Signs, 4 Picture Frames, 4 Greeting Cards, 4 Envelopes, 2 Color in Sticker Sheets. You may just have to purchase more than one depending on how may kids will be coming to the party.

zhu zhu pet pinata

How about a Zhu Zhu Pet Pinata? Again there is nothing official on the market, but that never stops my friends at The Original World of Pinatas. You can choose their Custom Personalized Pinata and add any photo you want on it. Maybe a fun photo of  your child holding their Zhu Zhu Pet or Just a picture of them. It is all up to you in creating this one of a kind masterpiece and think of the reaction from all the others at the party.  They will work with you any way they can to make it special. All their pinatas are handmade and approx. 20″ High x 12″ Wide (with other sizes are available).

polka dot cake image

So now what do you do for a Zhu Zhu Pet Birthday Cake? Well if you want to keep the look of the Polka Dot Theme then you can do a Polka Dot Birthday Cake using Lucks Happy Dots Edible Cake Image which is essentially and edible wrap for your cake. Then take some fun Hamster Toys and place them on the top of the cake.

I am waiting for the Zhu Zhu Pet Edible Cake Images to start popping up on Ebay any day now and when they do I will have them right here for you.

Ok I have done it and I created a Zhu Zhu Pet Birthday Cake with Step by Step instructions so you can create one too. I happened to create Mr. Squiggles in honor of his first birthday, but you can easily do any of your favorite Zhu Zhu Pets. To see how to make one – just visit my post here;  Zhu Zhu Pets Birthday Cake.

zhu zhu pet cupcake

If you are more the Cupcake Type like myself – that is ok too you can easily create some fun Zhu Zhu Pet Cupcakes.  You can make some cupcakes and bake them in Polka Dot Cupcake Liners and top the cupcake with some Bright Round Candies or Sprinkles. Or you can also make your own Cupcake Pics simply by printing out a picture of a Zhu Zhu Pet cutting them to size and tape a Toothpick or a craft stick to the back and stick it into the cupcake. You can see mine to the right – It is simple and easy to do and best part – Budget Friendly and who does not like that?

Zhu Zhu Pets Cupcakes

JUST IN: I just finished my post on How to make Zhu Zhu Pets Cupcakes and I show you how to make cupcakes that look just like the Zhu Zhu’s. I walk you through Step by Step how easy it is to create these adorable Hamster Cupcakes from start to finish. They are really easy to make and the kids will go crazy over them.

hamster party craft

zhu zhu pet party craftSo how about a fun craft idea for your party – well I found one that is perfect and I absolutely love this and so will the kids. How about this Hamster in a Ball Craft – How cute is that? All you need are these affordable Acrylic Fillable Balls – which make the best Exercise Ball for your Pom Pom Hamster.  You will also need some Craft Pom Poms – I found these in  animal colors so you can have different colored hamsters. Also some additional Tiny Pom Poms for Eyes and Nose. The ears are made from Craft Felt – you can use brown or pink depending on the color of your Hamster.  Then for the whiskers you can use Heavy Gauge Fishing Line. Obviously you will need some scissors and glue. Usually Hot Glue is used, but with kids I think you can get away with using Glue Dots for them to stick the parts on without burning their fingers. So how do you put it all together? Well I wish I could take credit for this wonderful idea, but it came from a big Hamster lover and she shows you step by step instructions right here: Hamster Craft How To.  Just remember the Glue Dots are much better for the kids and will work just fine and save from burns.  You can even take a little green Easter grass and toss some in to to kick it up a notch – just a thought. This craft will also double as a party favor – gotta love that!!! The kids will be proud to hang this is their room or maybe on the Christmas Tree every year.

zhu zhu pet party favors

Now lets talk about some Party Favor Ideas to send the kids home with.  You can start with the matching Polka Dot Party Favor Box and you can add in some fun goodies. Now I am happy to say I have found some fun Zhu Zhu Pet Party Favors to stick in.

zhu zhu pet party favors

HTM Designs on Ebay is offering some really cute Candy Bar Wrappers and Hershey Kiss labels you can personalize and they feature some of your favorite Hamsters and you know who they are. Order them and just purchase Hershey Bars and Hershey Kisses – Wrap your Bars and Label your Kisses for a great party favor.

polka dot party favor

You can also stick in these fun Hamster Town Stickers which is a sheet of stickers the kids use to create a fun Hamster Town of their own. I also love the Jot N Dot Wide Grip Polka DOT Pens and they are useful and go great with the whole Polka Dot Theme. Of course you must stick some strips of those Candy Dots into the box too and the Hamster Craft the kids created – and maybe some fun M&M Cookies – mmmmm.

zhu zhu pet clothing

Do you know what else makes a great item to stick in that box? How about some Zhu Zhu Pet Clothing? I am not talking about the Official items – they can be costly, but the great selection of hand made ones you can find on EBay. You can find everything from Costumes, Sleeping Bags, Carriers and more all made to fit the Zhu Zhu Pet Hamster. Of course I need to mention the great Party Outfit in my intro picture worn by Num Nums and made by mybearsnbunniesbarn an Ebay Seller who also has a lot of other great items available to fit the Hamsters. I don’t know about you, but I am seeing a lot of great dressed Hamsters!!!


Last, but not least you can add in some fun FREE Hamster Printables. I was able to find a couple that I think would be great to add in as part of the party favor. Did I mention FREE – I love FREE.  One is a Hamster Tic Tac Toe Game – I thought this looked fun. I also found this cute Hamster Coloring Page that looked cute – maybe the kids can design their own pet.

Of course during the party you can read the kids a Hamster Story

and even give them some education about real hamsters. I always like to fit in some fun education when ever I can. I do this  a lot at my own kid’s Birthday Parties. Check out this link: Fun Hamster Facts – I can’t expect you to know it all – lol.

polka dot

WoW that was a long one. I hope I was able to provide you some ideas and not leave you out in the dark when it comes to this party theme. I know after Christmas when the kids all have their new Zhu Zhu Pets they next thing they will ask for is this party theme and with nothing out there I just had to help.  I will keep this post updated with anything new that comes out to help or any additional party supplies. If you have any questions feel free to Contact Me – I would be happy to help.

UPDATES: I added this so I can add on new items I find relating to this Zhu Zhu Pet Party Theme. So please continue reading all the items I have found below in no particular order since I wrote this original post.

I just wrote a post on these Custom Colored Zhu Zhu Pets which I think would make a great Party Favor if you wanted to send the kids home with their own Zhu Zhu Pet. Not only are they not priced over retail, but their are all original and colored in so many fun colors using non-toxic paint.  You also would not need to worry about what child had what Zhu Zhu because these are so different. I have to say I am in love with these and they are so much fun – the kids would go crazy for them. Visit my post HERE to learn more and how to order.

Check out these great Zhu Zhu Pets Party Invitations being offered on Etsy. These cuties can be completely personalized and you can also send in a photo of the Birthday Child to be added on. Best part is – U Print them yourself so even if you are planning last minute – there is no problem. Oh and wait there is more in addition to the invitations this seller also offers matching address labels, candy bar wrappers, water/bubble/soda bottle wrappers, stickers, cupcake toppers and treat bag toppers/tags. A one stop shop for sure.

You will be so excited for these Chocolate Covered Rice Krsipy Treats that look just like your favorite Zhu Zhu Pets. These make the perfect party favor to send the kids home with. They are HUGE, individually wrapped and on a stick and you will be the envy of all the kids – Trust Me. Check out my post all about them and how to order HERE. Are those SWEET or what?

Just in – Zhu Zhu Pets Bingo Game is a fun party game where the kids will have a great time trying to match all their favorite Zhu Zhu Pets for a chance to get a Bingo. The Zhu Zhu Pets Bingo Cards can also be personalized to make the guest of honor feel even more special. To See more details and to order visit my post: Zhu Zhu Pets Bingo Game.

I just finished up a Complete Guide to Zhu Zhu Pet Birthday Party Favors over on Squidoo where I have featured a lot of Unique finds. I love the creativity out there and the handmade OOAK items people are creating all of which make great Party Favor Ideas. So it is a must see if you are looking for different ideas.

So Stop by and take a look.

Official Zhu Zhu Pets Party Supplies are now available !!! Click Here for more info.

Also if you have had your own Zhu Zhu Pet Birthday Party and would like to share your Photos and Ideas with other parents on my Blog – let me know I would love to do so. The more help for parents the better.

zhu zhu pet gift shop

***The Party Animal is not affiliated with Cepia, LLC the makers of Zhu Zhu Pets***


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  1. Margrett says:

    This is very awesome. My kid would LOVEEEE this!!! Thanks for the ideas!

  2. You are very welcome – I am glad you liked it

  3. cierra says:

    were do you get the rainbow zhu zhu pet and how much is it

  4. Melanie says:

    I thought you might like to know about an easy and inexpensive way to create your own Zhu Zhu pets invitations. I purchased the Zhu Zhu pets Super fun kit on Ebay for 9.99 + $4 s/h. (this is what it retails for at stores) The kit came with a really cute cardboard “Happy Birthday” frame for you to color in. I punched out the center part and placed it over top of the party invite details I printed on the computer and scanned the image. Voila! I had super cute invitations that took only minutes to create! I cut each one down to a half sheet and attached to construction paper and then cut around it with fancy craft scissors. My kids eagerly colored in the invitations and I added a little note inviting kids to bring their Zhu Zhu pets to the party for fun hamster games. My son could not wait to give them to all of his friends. He is still having a blast with the craft kit, and I have the tattoos that came in the set for a fun party activity.

  5. That is a Great Idea – do you have a picture of your finished product to share – I would love to write about it and share this great idea with other parents. I love creative people like you ;0)

  6. You can find the Custom Colored Zhu Zhu Pets on Ebay – sellers dye them all kinds of fun colors – it is amazing.

  7. Judi says:

    Thank You so much for all these great ideas that have helped me with my party planning. My kids are so excited – I m also going to try and make the cake wish me luck. I will send a picture when I am done.

  8. kym says:

    Thank you so much for these GREAT ideas! We are adding a twist…my daughter LOVES tea parties so we are having a Happy 7th Birthday Zhu Zhu pet Tea Party! (Including Fancy hats for the Zhu Zhu Pets)

  9. I am glad I could help – what a creative idea to combine the two – I hope you will share pictures of your special Tea Party – I love that idea.

  10. Amberlicous says:

    So cute!!! i just got a few i have: Jilly, Chunk, And Nugget my recent one that in got was Chunk!!! and i got clip on bunny ears and got the sailor outfit

  11. Well hello my little darling – I am glad you love your Zhu Zhu Pets – xoxoxox

  12. Tab says:

    Hi. We love your website. My daughter is having a Zhu Zhu Pet birhtday party. Could you give step by step directions on how to make party hats for the Zhu Zhu Pets. Thank You!!!

  13. Hi – I cannot take the credit for the hats, but I can tell you you can print out a Party Hat Template and shrink it down to size to fit the Zhu Zhu Pets head or you can mini Styrofoam cones to use and cover them with material and go from there and do not forget the elastic string. Hope that helps.

  14. kim says:

    I tried the cupcakes and they aren’t as easy as they look! Kids still loved them.

  15. I am sorry you had a hard time with them, but I am glad to hear the kids loved them

  16. lavenderiscous says:

    i think this blog waas awesome! im 11 and i just got a zhu zhu pet for christmas. im having a party and everyone is bringing their zhu zhu pet and accessories, so i sewed clothes for all the zhu zhu pets!

  17. mel says:

    hi all. do you know where to get the stickers for zhuzhu pets in singapore?

  18. I honestly would have no idea where you would get them, sorry ;0(

  19. zhuzhufan says:

    Hampster Dance-my favorite song!!

  20. Rachel says:

    I run a party store, so usually my kid’s birthdays are pretty easy, except when my daughter picked Zhu Zhu pets for her theme this year. I found your blog and am extremely impressed with all of the ideas, and the cake!! I am attempting to make Jilly (she’s in the oven at the moment). Just wanted to say thanks for posting all of these great ideas!! We are having all of her friends bring their pets for the hamster races. We are also going to be playing “Pin the whiskers on the Zhu Zhu” and “Munch, munch, SQUEAK” (basically, duck, duck, goose), along with having some hamster dance time. Thanks again!!

  21. I am glad I could be of help – Pin the Whiskers – too cute !!

  22. kids parties Miami says:

    birthday remains memorable whole the life because its parents makes video and always try to enjoy it.

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    Thanks for your post, it just gave me a nice idea for my daughter’s birthday

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