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20 Adorable Valentine’s Day Balloons the Kids will LOVE

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valentines day balloons for kidsI have gathered 20 Adorable Valentine’s Day Balloons the Kids will LOVE all in one place for you to see. Whether you are throwing a Valentine’s Day Party or just like to add a balloon to the kids Valentine’s Day Treats anyone of these would be perfect.

I LOVE Valentine’s Day and always make it special for my kids – it is day to tell them how much you love them. Of course I tell them everyday and some would say Valentine’s Day is just a hallmark holiday, but I say poop on them, lol. I think it is an extra fun day to tell all your loved one just how much they mean to you.

So while I was looking for some fun Valentine’s Day Decorations and ideas for my own kids I came across so many adorable balloons that were unique and knew I had to share my 20 favorites with all of you. I always give my kids a Heart filled with chocolates, but I also like to get creative and add in my own special themed touches. So I will also share some of my Valentine Gift Ideas you can pair up with each of these Balloons.

So are you ready to see the cuteness I found? Ok lets go then…..

Click on any of the links to order yours (Purple Text)

valentines day balloon

You’re Berry Sweet Valentine’s Day Balloon

– I love this giant Strawberry Balloon, which would also work great for a Strawberry Shortcake Party. Tie this up to some SWEET Strawberry themed Valentine’s Day Goodies for your little one.

valentines day decorations

valentines day balloon

You’re my Sweetie Pie Valentine’s Day Balloon – Pair this adorable Balloon up to some Homemade Pie Pops – see my tutorial on how I made some Apple Pie Pops, but instead make heart shaped ones with cherry filling, I am gonna make some this year myself.

valentines day decorations


Valentine You’re Purrfect Valentine’s Day Balloon

– Being the pet lover I am and the parent of 5 cats this on would be great for my kids. Pair this cutie up with some cat themed gifts or even some Paw Print Cupcakes or Cookies.

valentines day decorations

Valentines day Balloon

Sealed with a Kiss Valentine’s Day Balloon

– How cute is this one? Pair this up with some special coupons or love notes for the kids and seal each one with a kiss. Add some Chocolate Lip Chocolates or Cookies to sweeten the deal. For a little girl you can even add some lip glosses.

valentines day decorations

51zRgITxvYL._SL500_AA300_I’m Nuts about You Valentine’s Day Balloon

– Attach this balloon to a healthy Trail Mix you can make using lots of peanuts and different nuts. You can even make some homemade peanut brittle or chocolate bark with nuts added on. How cute would that be?

valentines day decorations


Love you a Latte Valentine’s Day Balloon

– I just love this balloon and maybe more so for my hubby who is a big coffee lover vs the kids, but I had to share it anyways. I would attach this one to a Starbucks Gift Card or a basket of different coffees for him. Ok and then maybe I would steal it back from him since I love my coffee too – lol.

valentines day decorations

Valentines day balloon

Kissing Monkeys Valentines Day Balloon

-I have 2 kids which means I have 2 monkeys – this is a perfect choice for me, plus this balloon is so freakin’ cute with their tails forming a heart. Attach this to some fresh baked Banana Bread, Muffins, Bananas or any cute Monkey themed gifts.

valentines day decorations

Valentines Day Balloon

I’m Stuck on You Valentine’s Day Balloon

– Awww how cute. So what do you pair with this one? I say the perfect choice would be some Homemade Sticky Buns, mmmm.

valentines day decorations


LOL Valentine’s Day Balloon

-This is a great choice for the little texter in the family – I know I have one, my daughter. You can pair thsi with maybe a new phone case, maybe some Mad Libs for the LOL part or one of the fun Texting Dictionaries available. My daughter has one of these little dictionaries and I was so surprised by how many Acronyms there really are out there, now I can look them u to see what the kids are talking about – LOL.

valentines day decorations

valentines day balloon

Big Hug Valentine’s Day Balloon

– A great obvious choice for this one would be a nice big Teddy Bear that will provide lots of hugs and love for your little one.You can even add a couple book they can cash in for extra big hugs when they need one. Awwww.

valentines day decorations

Valentines day balloon

I Chewz You Valentine’s Day Balloon

– Is that cute or what? Of course anything Dog related would work, Paw Print Cupcakes or Cookies, a Stuffed Dog or Dalmatian and even some Bubble Gum (for the Chewz).

valentines day decorations


I love you thiiiiis much Valentine’s Day Balloon

– What a cute mouse showing off the love arms wide open. How cute would this be paired up with some Chocolate covered Maraschino Cherry Mice , their heads are Hershey Kisses and they are super EASY to make. With that you can give your little one the book Happy Valentine’s Day, Mouse! – it is a cute book – I love hat series a lot.

valentines day decorations

frog valentines day balloonFrog Kiss Valentine’s Day Balloon

– Perfect for your little Prince or Princess don’t ya think. I would give this one paired up with some adorable Frog Cupcakes or Frog Cookies add in some Chocolate Kisses and you have a perfect gift.

valentines day decorations

frog valentines day balloonLove you so Doggone Much Valentine’s Day Balloon

– Again like the dog ones above anything Dog related would work, Paw Print Cupcakes or Cookies, a Stuffed Dog etc… BUT some Dog Bone Cookies with this Balloon would be perfect!!!

valentines day decorations


Valentine you make me Squeal Valentine’s Day Balloon

– Bake up some Pig Cupcakes to go with this one and pair it with this adorable Pigs in Love Book
and the kids will definitely squeal when they see it.

valentines day decorations

Flower Valentines day balloon

Flower Valentine’s Day Balloon

– I really liked this balloon – it is so unique and sweet. I would attach this to a bouquet of Hershey Kiss Flowers. There are many tutorials available online how to create Hershey Kisses into Roses or you can take Cupcake Wrappers and flatten them out, cut a flower petal edge, Tape a Hershey Kiss to the middle and tape it onto a Lollipop Stick. Make a bunch of them and create your very own yummy bouquet. Easy and Cute right?

valentines day decorations

owl valentines day balloon

Whoooo Loves You Baby Valentine’s Day Balloon

– Make some Homemade Owl Brownies to go with this one following my tutorial, you can change up the colors of the candies used to pastel colors to match. I know I would LOVE a plate of brownies made just for me, wouldn’t you?

valentines day decorations

dog valentines day balloon

Puppy Valentine’s Day Balloon

– Once again like the dog ones above anything Dog related would work, Paw Print Cupcakes or Cookies, a Stuffed Dog etc…

valentines day decorations

ice cream cone valentines day balloon

Here’s the Scoop, I love you Valentine’s Day Balloon

– So many great things you can pair up with this balloon like Ice Cream Cone Cupcakes, Coupon Book for Ice Cream Treat to the Ice Cream Parlor, Ice Cream Bowl Set or how about one of the many Ice Cream Games on the market.

valentines day decorations

cupcake valentines day balloon

Cupcake Valentine’s Day Balloon – Sweet Valentine for sure!!! Pair this one up with some Valentine’s Day Cupcakes and maybe add in this adorable book called It’s Raining Cupcakes. Of course there are so many adorable Cupcake themed products on the market you can really go crazy with this one.

valentines day decorations

So there you have it 20 Fun Valentine’s Day Balloons and lots of ideas you can pair up with them to make the perfect Valentine’s Day Gift for your little ones. I hope I gave you some inspiration to get creative this Valentine’s Day, now I have to decide which ideas I am going to do for my kids.

When ordering the Balloons online of course they do not come inflated. You can take them to your local store that sells balloons and they will blow them up with helium which does not cost much at all. Or you can buy one of the Balloon Time disposable Helium Tanks

and do it yourself. I always have a helium tank at home just for that – they last a long time and are well worth the money.

Also DO NOT throw out your Mylar Balloons when the holiday is over and the balloons start to deflate – check out a page I wrote all about Recycling your Mylar Balloons – lots of fun ideas and uses for them.

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