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Kung Zhu Pets Birthday Party Ideas

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Now I have given you ideas on How to Throw a Zhu Zhu Pet Birthday Party so I thought why not put something together for all those Kung Zhu Pet Fans out there.  I am sure there are lots of Boys out there who want to have a Kung Zhu Party Theme for their Birthday and parents are wondering just how to pull that off. So with a little creativity I am going to share with you some ideas so that you are not lost and hopefully will now have some direction on how you will put it all together.

So first lets start by thinking about the Kung Zhu Pets. You have your Special Forces and the Ninja Warriors who are both all about Training to be the best and Battling in Competitions.  So of course your party will be full of the same things – basically lots of games, but in a fun competitive way.

For you Kung Zhu Party Decorations you will also have to get creative until hopefully one day there will be some Official Kung Zhu Party Supplies on the Market.

Not too worry you can pull it off regardless. You can choose to go the Special Forces route by setting up your party decorations with Special Forces Party Supplies or even a Martial Arts Theme using some of the Martial Arts Party Supplies Available. Or mix in touches of both with some Solid Colored Party Supplies in Red, Black, Blue and Green.

Just have fun with it, stick within a budget because you can really overspend in the decorating department. If your child has the Kung Zhu Pets and the Accessories then have that set up and trust me that will be the focal point of the party vs. all your decor.

For your Kung Zhu Party Invitations you will once again have to be creative. Go either The Special Forces Route or the Ninja Warrior Route. For the Special Forces I found lots of great Army Party Invitations

on Ebay like the one you see to the left. All of which can be personalized with your party information and a lot of times printed right from home.

For your Ninja Warrior Party Invitation I found this one (pictured to your right) you can make that is adorable and so easy to do. You can make the Shirt any color you want like Red instead of white to look more like a Ninja.

You can find Step by Step Directions Here: How to Make a Martial Arts Party Invitation

You can also add that if the Child has a Kung Zhu Pet to bring it along to the party. If they do this make sure you mark them with a name tag (Tape etc..) this way they do not get mixed up at the party and lost.

I am so excited to share this Homemade Kung Zhu Pet Pinata and you can easily create it too. This Kung Zhu Pinata was made to look like Kung Zhu’s  Sergeant Serge, but you can create one to match your child’s favorite Kung Zhu Pet.  This Kung Zhu Pinata was shared with me by a lady named Tree and I am so impressed.

This is not as hard as it looks to create and the time you put in to do it will be well worth the smiles you get from the kids at the party.  To get started take a look at my post here on Making your own Pinata that will give you all the basics. Once you have made your Pinata Shell you will want to paint it the color to match the Kung Zhu Pet you will be creating. Then take Tissue Paper and cut it up into lots of squares (This will be the Fur). You will then glue it on the Pinata. Then just add in your final touches like Your Eyes, Nose, Ears and Extra Details with Construction Paper etc…  Fill, Hang and watch those kids have a great time.

Now if are not feeling that creative I have another fun option for your Kung Zhu Pinata and that is this Custom Personalized Pinata. This Pinata is already made, but send them a favorite Picture and they will add it on for you. Have your Child Smile with their Favorite Kung Zhu Pet or take a fun photo of all their Kung Zhu’s and it will be added onto the pinata and you will have a Special One of a Kind Pinata for the party.

Kung Zhu Playtime – Ok this is not really a game, but if you have the Kung Zhu Playset then make sure it is set up and ready for action. The kids will love to play and this could take up a nice portion of the party. It is all about the Kung Zhu Pets so this is a great activity to have at the party – FREE Play – so sit back and relax while you watch all the kids have a great time.

Balloon Battle – For this you will need a bunch of balloons blown up (do this prior to the party) a good idea as well is to use only 2 colors and have the same amount of each. What you will do is have the kids break up into two teams – Special Forces and Ninja Warriors and get them ready to Battle each others army of Balloons.  Make sure there is plenty of room in your Battle Arena for this one. Set each team up on opposite ends, then drop in all the Balloons in the middle making sure to mix them up and assign a color to each team. On go each team must pop their opposing teams Balloon Army by sitting on them. First team to do so wins the Battle.

Kung Zhu Training Ground – Create a Kung Zhu Training Ground by making a fun obstacle course.  You can use things you already have around the house for this. Lay Hula Hoops on the ground for them to jump in and out of, Have them Toss a Ball into a Bucket, Set up Boxes as Tunnels for them to crawl through,  set a ladder on the ground and have the hop through it, create a Balance Beam from a 2×4 etc… Be creative and you can come up with one fun course they have to get through – but always keep safety in mind.

Capture the Flag – This is a Kid Favorite. For this have a Flag for each Team – Special Forces and Ninja Warriors.  Make sure your playing area has lots of great hiding places for the teams so they can try and hide. Break the guests into two teams – again Special Forces vs. Ninja Warriors. Each team will chose a place to lay their flag in plain site and area that will be their prison. Then each team must try and capture each others flag and return it to their area without being tagged. Players who get tagged in the other team’s area must go to that team’s prison, and remain there until a member of their own team can tag them and free them. Once a player has reached the prison, and frees their teammates, all get a “free walk” back to their own area.

Kung Zhu Eating Battle – Here is one just for fun. Hamsters like to eat so why not have a battle to see which team can much the fastest. May I also mention this is funny to watch. Again break the guests into teams. You can do this using any kind of fun food – maybe some Cocoa Puffs on a plate, a Carrot etc… Just make sure everyone has the same amount to eat and make sure no one uses their hands. On go which ever team finishes their portions wins the Battle. For extra fun play with Fruit Roll Ups. Hang one for each guest on a clothes line and let them go at it.

Kung Zhu Pet Trivia – See how well your party guests know all the Kung Zhu Pets with some fun trivia. Don’t worry if you do not know about them there is lots of fun facts about each one of the hamsters at Kung Zhu Pets Official Website. You will find fun things about their likes and dislikes, strengths and weaknesses and even some of their favorite foods to eat. Write it all done prior to the party and have some fun asking the kids questions about their new favorite toys.

So there are a few Kung Zhu Game Ideas to get you started thinking – any Team Games will work for this party theme. You can also see my Zhu Zhu Pets Party Games for even more ideas and if you have any you would like to share please leave it in the comments below and I will add it on to the list.

When it comes to your Kung Zhu Birthday Cake you can follow my Step by Step Directions on How to make a Zhu Zhu Pet Birthday Cake and all you need to do it change up the colors to match your favorite Kung Zhu Pet.

If you are wanting to have some Kung Zhu Pet Cupcakes then not a problem take a look at my How to Make Zhu Zhu Pets Cupcakes and again just change up the colors to match the Kung Zhu Pets.

The same lady, Tree, who was so creative with the Kung Zhu Pet Pinata from above followed my tutorial on How to Make the Zhu Zhu Pet Cupcakes and created these AWESOME Kung Zhu Pet Cookies.She just changed them up by turning them into the Kung Zhu Pets using Cookies instead of the Cupcakes – is that great or what – so now you see how it can be done and they are really simple to do.

She also shared that at their Kung Zhu Pet Party she served slices and chunks of Fresh Fruits, Dried Fruits and Nut Trail Mix to resemble Hamster Food the kids could snack on.

So I would like to give a Thank You Shout out to Tree for using my tutorial and sharing some of her Creative Kung Zhu Party Ideas with me to share with you !!!

I want to hear your ideas – if you have had a Kung Zhu Party and want to add to these ideas and share with other parents, Please do so by leaving a comment below – Pictures are also welcome.

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