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LED Magnetic Digital Graffiti Lights are fun for Parties

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Have you seen the LED Magnetic Digital Graffiti Lights that will stick to any metal surface? Think of the possibilities and fun you can have with these !!

Yesterday I shared with you Fairy Berries which can bring some Magic to your Party Decor with the Twinkling LED Orbs, well today I am kicking it up a notch. If you were excited over those you are gonna loves these LED Magnetic Digital Graffiti Lights – and yes these are on my Christmas list as well – another must have for me.

These LED Lights are Magnetic and each one is individual. The come in Red, Orange, Blue, Green and a Rainbow Cycling Color. They are sold in an assortment. So what do you do with them? Well you stick them anywhere that is metal – Cars, Fridges, Metal Doors etc…

You can make designs or spell out sayings, numbers etc… They look like so much fun. They remind me of Lite-Brite Pegs, but Magnetic and LED – are they cool or what?

Each one is battery operated and will last up to 48 hours – after that they are pretty much done – so they are basically a one time use item. I think these would be so much fun for Night Time Parties.

These are available to purchase at – Think Geek

I think I need to Light Up my Party Van – So Lovin’ these !!!

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