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Lemon Drop Chick Cupcakes

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This is a Fun Easy Cupcake idea I came up with when I was working on my Easter Cupcake Ideas.  I always have Candy on hand in my cabinet – I stock pile through the year so when I am doing my baking and making Cupcakes I always have some fun choices for me and for the kids to use for decorating.  I keep a HUGE Bag, which is now ready for a big plastic tub, of all the candy my kids do not finish from Halloween, Valentine’s Day, Christmas and other Holidays. I keep the ones that do not go bad.  I also always buy Candy I like for future use when on sale at the store too. So anyway I happen to have these Lemon Drops in my cabinet and I looked at them in a whole different way the other day. Maybe it was due to all the snow we had this Winter and then the Sun came out and it got a little warm and I think everything was looking like Spring to me. Wishful thinking Huh? Not too much longer though.

So these Lemon Drop Candies looked like Chicks to me and I thought if I could just add some Eyes and a Beak and stick them on top of a Cupcake with Grass it would be so cute. So that is what I did and it is so EASY. Let me share what I did.

What I used to make these Lemon Drop Chick Cupcakes:

  • Baked Cupcakes – I used Chocolate – Gotta Love Chocolate (Any Flavor Works)
  • White or Vanilla Frosting
  • Lemon Drop Candy – Mine were by Brach’s and you can get them in your local grocery store
  • Coconut – For Grass
  • Green Food Coloring
  • Ziploc Bag or any Baggie
  • Wilton’s Edible Markers – Black & Orange
  • Circus Peanut Carrots – For Effect on the Plate – You can see How I made them – Here

So Here is what you need To draw the face on the Chick I used Wilton’s Edible Markers – The Black & The Orange in the Neon Colored Set. Of course you can just use regular markers, but if the kids are eating them you want it to be Edible.  Then some Lemon Drop Candy. I used the Brach’s brand and you can get them right in your local grocery store.

Then all you do is take your marker and draw on 2 Dots for Eyes using the Black and make a Triangle in the Orange for the Beak. Then a Chick is Born. That is it – so Simple.

Next you want to make your Edible Grass. Take some of your Coconut and Stick into a Baggie. Then add a few drops of Green Food Coloring. Shake it up and you just grew some Edible Green Grass.

Then Frost your Cupcake and Dip the Top into your Green Coconut Grass. Make sure to do this right after your frost so your Frosting is still tacky and it will stick.

Then place some Chicks on top of your Cupcake in the Grass and you are done. How Cute!!! Of course you can use these Lemon Drop Chicks on top any Cake or Cupcake – I just loved the idea and I hope you do too.

Now just stick them on a Plate and Sprinkle some of your left over Green Coconut Grass around and add some of the Circus Peanut Carrots to complete the look. I do not know about you, but those Scream Spring to me. To learn how to make the Circus Peanut Carrots see my post: HERE. They are Easy, Fun and completely Edible and the kids love them.

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