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Mermaid Party Supplies

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If you are planning a Mermaid Party for your little one than you do not want to miss these adorable Mermaid Party Supplies that just hit the market. So move over Ariel and make room for these cuties !!

These Mermaid Party Supplies are so cute !! The mermaids that appear on the party goods are fun, whimsical and the colors are perfect for an Under the Sea look. I love the mix of Pinks, Greens and Purples which really makes these super girly !!

Also a Mermaid Party is fun anytime of the year and it does not have to be Summer to have one !!! Heck I had a Penguin Birthday Party in the middle of summer one year for my daughter. The thought of Ice Bergs around on a hot day kept us cool. So imagine a Mermaid Party in the dead of Winter? Now that would be unexpected right?

Here is another fun idea for your Mermaid Party:

Years ago for my daughter’s Luau Party I created a couple stand ups and one of them was this Mermaid I drew on a big piece of Foam Core. I cut the head out for a fun Photo Opportunity for the girls. I just used Markers and Crayons and of course Glitter so it sparkled like crazy in the sun. I still have this to this day in storage and maybe one day it will come out for another party. The girls loved this and I have many great pictures of all of them !! So give it a try it is inexpensive and Fun !!

Take a look at some of the others I made here: Tropical Cardboard Photo Op Stand Ins.

Oh and one more must see is this post I did about Mermaid Towels – these make the best Mermaid Party Favors and if you are crafty you can make those too !!

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