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Mickey Mouse Birthday Cake

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mickey mouse birthday cakeIf you are having a Mickey Mouse Birthday Party then you will definitely want to have a Mickey Mouse Birthday Cake to match the theme. I am going to share with you some ideas on how you can create one for the party.  There are plenty of options out there some are easier than others, but they are all just as Magical.

mickey mouse cake imageLets start off with the easiest way you can make your Mickey Mouse Cake besides ordering it from the bakery – that is just a given.   If you are good with baking the cake and do not want to really get involved with the decorating you can choose to use a Mickey Mouse Edible Cake Image.  Ebay offers a large selection of these to choose from and you can personalize them with your own sentiment and even the Birthday Child’s Photo on some of them. These are so easy to use  – Just peel and place and you are done. It cannot get any easier than that. They look great and come in all different sizes – so whether you are baking a round or rectangle cake then you are all set.

mickey mouse cake decorating kitAnother alternative similar to the above is offered from The Party Works.  They offer a variety of that come with Plastic Cake Toppers, Sprinkles and Edible Sugar Shapes. Again they have a nice variety of Do it Your Self Mickey Mouse Cake Kits so you have choices. Some of their Decorating Kits also include an  Edible Mickey Image. They also carry a lot of Mickey Mouse Cupcake Decorating Kits ,Picks, Toppers and Cupcake Rings too.  They also carry the Mickey Mouse Shaped Sprinkles in various colors which are adorable.

Another simple way to decorate your Mickey Mouse Cake is to bake and frost your cake anyway you like and just add some Mickey Mouse Figures to the top or even a fun Mickey Mouse Candle. There is no right or wrong way to make a Mickey Mouse Cake – just as long it is colorful and Fun Fun Fun. Find some fun Sparkler Candles or the Candles that make Colored Flames and you are set and it was all easy.

mickey mouse cake panNow lets talk about a Mickey Cake that may take a little bit more work, but not so bad. All you need is one of the many Mickey Mouse Cake Pans to get your shape and some frosting techniques to create your design. All it takes is a Pastry Bag and a Special Tip which will all be explained in the instructions with your pan and you can create a cake like a professional. Of course you can also frost it normally, it all just depends on the look your are going for. I like the cake Pan of just his head, but you can find full body ones too if you are up to the challenge.

Mickey_Mouse_CakeNow I have never created a Mickey Mouse Cake myself as of yet, but if I had to there are two ways I would go about doing it. I like to create my cakes from scratch and I think you can create Mickey Mouse’s Head just by using pans you already have in the home. The cake in the photo to your left was created by Katie Johnson who is a pastry Chef, but it is the same take on what I would do.  Just bake a large round cake in a pan you have at home and then create two smaller circle shape cakes. If you do not have any small round cake pans you can cut them out of a 13″ x 9″ using a small plate or bowl for your template. Then eat all the left overs – mmmm. Lay your cake pieces on your board – frost and you have Mickey Mouse.

Mickey Mouse Ears CakeThe other Mickey Mouse Cake I would consider making is the Mouse Ears Cake.  The cake you see in the photo to your right was created by Gourmet Mom on the Go, but I think I could recreate that simple enough. I would bake a cake in a Stainless Steel Round Bowl I have in my kitchen to get the shape of the bottom.  I would then frost it with chocolate frosting. Then I would bake some extra large Chocolate Fudge Cookies with lollipop sticks in them for the ears.  I would also make extra cookies to eat and give me some energy. Then I would take the cookies and insert into the top of the cake and now you have your Mickey Mouse Ears Cake!!! Love that.  You can stick and edible cake image to the front or I would just use that space for my sentiment.

I hope these ideas helped give you some inspiration. You may also want to see my posts on a Mickey Mouse Birthday Party and a Minnie Mouse Birthday Party for all your ideas and supplies.

Oh and one more thing before you go – with The Mickey Mouse Clubhouse now on Disney I have to say “Meeska, Mooska, Mickey Mouse”


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  1. I think my favorite is the Mickey Mouse ears cake!

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