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Beverly Hills Chihuahua 2 Party Theme

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The first Disney Beverly Hills Chihuahua Movie was a HUGE hit and now get ready for the sequel Beverly Hills Chihuahua 2 available on DVD & Blu-Ray February 1st 2011. Being this movie will be available to purchase right away why not celebrate with a Beverly Hills Chihuahua Movie Party. I am going to share some fun ideas to help inspire you to do just that.

I think it would be fun to show both Beverly Hills Chihuahua Movies during the party with a fun intermission between them along with some treats and activities. Of course that will also depend on how long you want your party to be – each movies runs about 1 1/2 hours.

Set up the room where the kids will be viewing the movies with lots of Pillows, Blankets and Movie Type Snacks & Candy to set the scene.  Close all the curtains if your party is in the day time to give it that Movie Theater Feel.

For your Beverly Hills Chihuahua Party Invitation I found this adorable invite that features 2 Chihuahua’s on the front that look just like Chloe and Papi. This invite is available from Etsy Seller Toadally Cute Products and it is completely customizable. You can change the colors, wording, add a photo of your child etc… They will work with you to make the invite look and say whatever you want it too, but the Graphics of the Chihuahuas are PERFECT !!!

Or you can opt to send out a Ticket Style Invitation

, but I was unable to find one featuring Beverly Hills Chihuahua. You can ask one of the many sellers of these to create one for you with this theme, most can accommodate you.

For your Party Food Keep it Simple. Being the kids will be watching the movies provide snacks and food that they can eat while they are watching the movie. Maybe have a crock pot set up with Hot Dogs in it, Have lots of Popcorn and have some Individual Popcorn Containers or Bags for them just like they have at the movies. Put out Chips, Pretzels etc… and you can make it even easier by having them in individual Bags you make up or that come that way. Serve your Drinks in covered cups with straws or provide Bottled Waters and Juice Boxes to avoid spills.

Don’t forget the Movie Candy !!! For my son’s Backyard Movie Party I created aCandy Cakethat had all the fun types of Candies you would have at the Movies. The kids loved it and it is very EASY to create see my post: How to make a Candy Cake.

During Intermission – which would be the break between the movies, you can have the kids do a fun activity. Let them each Stuff a Plush Chihuahua. This is a fun activity for all ages and it can also double as your Party Favor. Each Stuff a Plush Chihuahua comes 8″ Plush Chihuahua of choice, Stuffing, Wishing Star, Birth Certificate & Directions. The kids get to stuff them by hand and bring them to life.

In addition to that you can add in an Outfit for them to dress up in or let the kids decorate a T-Shirt for their new pup. This ties in the Beverly Hills Chihuahua 2 Movie since they have entered in the Beverly Hills Dog Show !! Then you can let the kids have their own show of their creations.

They will love their Tiny Plush Chihuahua they can bring home after the party, how could you not – Are they cute or what?

Visit my Website to Order them Here: The Party Animal

Also during this time you can serve up some delicious Popcorn Cupcakes. These again are Super EASY to make and would tie in the whole movie theme of the party. These are simply made using Cupcakes decorated with Mini Marshmallows to look like your Popcorn and wrapped in a Roundabouts Popcorn Tub Cupcake Sleeves.  Not to worry you can visit my post to see Step by Step Directions Here: How to Make Popcorn Cupcakes. You didn’t think I would leave you hanging did you?

Another fun Treat or Party Favor Idea are these Chocolate Covered Chihuahua Rice Krispy Treats. Each one of these treats are Handmade and HUGE in size weighing in at 3-4 ounces each. Each one is also individually wrapped and come on a stick. They would also make a great centerpiece at the party just by placing them into a Styrofoam block in a fun container in your party area. Trust me when I say the kids go Crazy over these and to be honest so do I.

These can also be found on my Website:  The Party Animal

Just some additional Party Decoration Tips & Ideas: Currently there are no Official Beverly Hills Chihuahua Party Supplies out there so you just need to get a little creative. I would keep the decor simple by using any Solid Colored Party Supplies and bring in touches of Paw Prints and even Movie Theme related items. Another fun idea is to have some of the Beverly Hills Chihuahua Posters

up in the Movie viewing area just like at the theaters. Spend less on the Party Supplies and more on the Activities & Movie Snacks !!!

Having a Beverly Hills Chihuahua Movie Party will probably one of the easiest you have ever done. The kids will just have fun watching the movies and all you need to do is refill the snacks and entertain a bit during Intermission. Now how nice will that be?


2 Responses to “Beverly Hills Chihuahua 2 Party Theme”
  1. Jo Green says:

    OMG, those popcorn cupcakes are so original, and super cute! I’ve never seen anything like that before. Great ideas!

  2. zhuzhufan says:

    Chihuahuas are such cute dogs!

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