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The Party Animal’s Push Up Pop Round Up

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Here on my Push Up Pop Round Up post you will find all of my Push Up Pop creations to date.  If you are not familiar with Push Up Pops no worries because I will fill you in here as well.

Back in June 2010 I came across a company called Sprinkles Custom Cakes who started selling what they called CakeShooters. I was immediately intrigued by the concept of having a cake in a self contained clear Push Up Container.

Not only did it look cool to see the yumminess inside, but I loved how they were individual servings for your party guests. The company sent me some samples to try and I loved them. I also loved how you just pushed up the bottom to get the cake out and it was mess free – double Bonus !!

Almost a year after I tried the CakeShooters I started seeing the Clear Push Up Pop Containers being sold online and knew right away I had to get myself some. I have had so much fun creating treats in these and the kids absolutely LOVE them. If you do not have any you are missing out. They have to be one of my favorite purchases of 2011.

Being I have created a bunch of fun and delicious treats in mine I wanted to do a Round Up of them all. I will continue to add on as I make more. Of course all of my creations have a Step by Step Tutorial so you can create them too.

Above is a picture of the Push Up Pop Containers. You may also remember them from your childhood like me. I would always get the Push Up Pop from my ice cream man (orange)- do you remember those? These are the same exact concept.

You can find them for sale on EBay and Amazon.

These Hot Fudge Brownie Sundae Push Ups were the first treat I made. These were so good and I think they were the kids favorite of all of them to date.

Being we are big Jell-O fans in my house sparked the idea to create these Rainbow Jell-O Push Ups. I always loved the way Rainbow Jell-O looked when people made it so I thought I would give it a try in my Push Up Pop Containers and it was as good to eat as it was pretty to look at.  Believe it or not it was only made with 3 different flavors.

I created these Sunburst Jell-O Pudding Push Ups for the kids at the end of the school year to get them excited for Summer. Guess what? It worked !!

On the 4th of July I made these Patriotic Push Up Cake Pops for my BBQ Guests. Uncle Sam woudl have been so proud !!

For my daughter’s Tie Dye Birthday Party I got GrOOvy and made these Tie Dye Ice Push Up Pops by combing a variety of colored ice. These were a great way to cool the kids off on a hot summer day and they LOVED them.

For Halloween I made these Vanilla Pudding Jack-O-Lantern Push Ups for the kids. I added to the fun by adding a little decoration to the containers – all removable of course !!

My latest creation are these Turkey Push Up Pops that I created with Push Up Pop Sleeves using construction paper to decorate my container.  I also have a FREE Printable Template on the post so you can just follow and create some yourself.  These are also filled with fall colored M&Ms for the kids to have on Thanksgiving.

I always try to think outside the box when creating my Push Up Pops and have so many more ideas that I want to try so stay tuned.

Again if you do not have any of these Clear Push Up Pop Containers in your home yet make sure to get some. There are so many ways you can use them and the ideas are endless. They are so EASY to use and anyone can do it. They are the perfect addition to any party and the kids LOVE them – adults too !!!

I also have to mention that Courtney Dial from Pizzazzerie just released a book called Push-up Pops that features tons of fun ideas and uses for these containers too. Make sure to get your hands on that book too !!

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