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Groovy Tie Dye Birthday Party Theme

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For my daughter’s 11th Birthday we decided on a Groovy Tie Dye Birthday Party Theme and I am going to show you how it all came together. There was definitely some Far Out Fun had by all.

I kept this party a bit more simple than parties we have had in the past due to the fact that my daughter got a new bedroom for her present this year. Between buying the new furniture and completely re-doing her room paint and all not only was I limited with my budget, but I was exhausted from all the work. BUT being The Party Animal I still had to pull off a good party even when I waited to the last minute to put it all together.

YES it is true I am a last minute Party Planner – completely guilty of it 100%, but honestly I do my best work under pressure and it always works out in the end. I know I am not alone and I am sure most of you reading this are the same way. So let me show you what I pulled off with limited Time and a limited Budget.

The Invitation – I created my daughter’s invitation by doing a photo shoot of her in a Groovy Hat and using PhotoShop I cropped her out and added her onto an invitation I created with all the party info. Being it is summertime I did not print or mail them out – instead we emailed them to all her friends she was inviting. Yet another way to save money !!

If you are not computer savvy in the way of creating an Invitation yourself  there are plenty of sellers on Ebay and Etsy who will do it for you. You pay one price and receive the file – you can print them or just email them like I did – Easy Peasy !!

For my Party Decorations I created Tie Dyed Coffee Filter Pom Poms that I hung using fishing wire so they looked as if they were floating  – I have a tutorial for them HERE.  I also created a Garland using a Pool Noodle that that had a Daisy Shape that I cut and strung on ribbon and also used them as Pool Sprinkles – See tutorial HERE.

Discount Party Supplies sent me their Deluxe Tie Dye Party Pack to review which fit my theme perfectly. My favorite Party Peep from Celebration Today (Posh Party Pretties) created some fun Tie Dye Karma Kandy Kones with Sparkly Peace Signs for me that I filled with Rainbow Candies for the girls. Then of course I added some Rainbow colored Balloon Bouquets around – cause what is a party without Balloons right?

I kept it Simple, but it looked awesome – hard to see in my pictures but I must say those Tie Dye Coffee Filters hanging everywhere were a HUGE hit and the cost  – CHEAP.

For our Daytime Activities the girls swam in the pool which I also had filled with Tie Dye Beach Balls from Oriental Trading in addition to the Daisy Pool Noodle Sprinkles and of course lots of other Pool Toys. I did get them to take a break from swimming to do our Tie Dye T-Shirts. I decided instead of getting into all the mess of the old Tie Dye method I decided to use the Simply Spray Fabric Paint Tie Dye Kit.  Being the party was also a Sleepover I thought it would be fun to make Night Shirts they could wear later. So I purchased each of the girls an oversized White T-Shirt from the craft store on sale for only $2.50 each. The girls had so much fun making these and it was not only Easy to do, best part was no Mess !! You can see the entire Review and Process HERE.

For the Party Food I did a BBQ with Hamburgers, Hot Dogs, Chips, Salads etc… Easy and that is what the kids love. For the Sweet Treats I Had Brownies with Red Gummy Hearts on them (for Love), Happy Face Cookies I made using Yellow & Black Frosting, Fruity Pebbles Treats, Tie Dye Cookie Pops and Tie Dye Daisy Cookies – Tutorial HERECake Pops dipped in White Chocolate and topped with Rainbow Sprinkles and My favorite creation to cool them off during the day was my Tie Dye Ice Pops – Tutorial HERE. I also had some Rainbow Candies in my Karma Kandy Kones, Sour Green Apple Laffy Taffy, Fun Dip cause it is Groovy and Rainbow Fruit by the Foot.  Once the kids had tons of these sweets I made then run around the yard to get their sugar crazies out !!

For my daughter’s cake I made this Peace Sign Tie Dye Birthday Cake. I loved the way it came out and the best part was the inside. You can see my Tutorial on how I made it HERE.

For our Evening Activities the girls all put on their Tie Dye Nightshirts and we played my Homemade Toss ‘N Talk Ball Game which was so much fun. Then they dug into my daughter’s dress up boxes (always a big hit at my house – we have so much to choose from and they love this) and we did a photo shoot in front of a Tie Dyed Sheet I bought off of EBay to hang for the backdrop. We took tons of photos and laughed A LOT !! Then I gave them all a Facial and had them relax with Cucumbers on their eyes of course !! You can see additional pictures and how I did it HERE. Then we had some fun with Krypto Gear Bracelets which I turned into a fun activity while they had some late night snacks.

Even though it was quite late at this point the night was still young – Come on it is a Girls Sleepover Party and they can sleep at home right? So I hooked them up with The Smurfs Dance Party Wii Game which I had rented for the party and ended up buying a copy the following day cause it was so much fun I had to own it. The girls had so much fun and hardly got any sleep at all – so to me that is a Good Party. They let me hang out with them almost the whole party until this Party Animal had to go to bed – those all nighters are a thing of the past for me.

For Breakfast I keep it simple with Waffles, Fruit and a variety of Cereals for them to choose from.

For the Party Favors I gave each girl a Bubble Wand I got for $1.00 each at Wal-Mart in a variety of colors. We are big Bubble Fans at my house and Bubbles make you Happy and they are Peaceful – PERFECT !! BUT I kicked them up a notch using colored Paint Pens I had on hand and personalized them with the girls Names, a Peace Sign and Daisy. Tip: When Paint Pen is dry use Clear Nail Polish on top to seal it. I took some curling ribbon and also attached a Groovy Thank You.

The girls also went home with their Tie Dyed Nightshirts, Kyrpto Gear Bracelets and they each got to choose one of the Tie Dye Beach Balls from the Pool to take home as well. In addition to that they went home with Fun Memories and very Sleepy Eyes !!!

And here is my Mini Me all dressed up in this cool Tie Dye Batik Summer Dress I got her for the party from EBay seller Dresses by Scarlet Tangerine

.  They have some of the coolest Tie Dye clothing that I absolutely LOVE. This dress has a tie on the back that makes a Big Bow and can be used as a skirt when she grows – more bang for the buck – love that !!

All in all I think I pulled off another great Party and created lasting memories for not only my Daughter, but for the party guests all on a limited Budget, limited time and with a broken back from all the Bedroom remodeling. I still cannot believe my Baby is 11 Years Old – where does the time go?

I hope I was able to give you some inspiration on planning your next party – this was so much fun.

Peace, Love and Parties…..


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  2. Amy says:

    Just wondering what you served to drink at the party. I am having a psychedelic spa party for my daughters 7th birthday. We are doing it at a local beauty school, and the students are going to give the girls groovy mani and pedi. My part is pretty easy… just bring cake, drinks, and decorations. So i would like for what little food I bring to be really far out. Any suggestions?

  3. So very hip and groovy! Love the idea of doing something like this for kids, where they can literally get their hands dirty 😀

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